Yes You Do Have Time


Now more than ever I am starting to understand the value of time. I get it. We live in a hurried world and we are always reminding ourselves and everyone else of the time we don’t seem to have. Remember that when you tell someone that you do not have time for them you are valuing every single thing over the people who are supposed to mean the most to you. We may not even notice the hurtful message we are sending. When you get home from work and spend the entire evening on your laptop you are sending the people in your house a painful message. I know because I too have sat there aching for a couple minutes of someone’s attention. When you schedule lunch with a friend and you show up 15 minutes late and then rush through lunch complaining of running out of time, you are hurting the person who made the effort to sit across from you. There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week. Seriously, you can’t even spare or offer even 30 minutes of concentrated time on a human being that you care so deeply about? Time is a precious gift and when you dedicate a chunk of time to a spouse, a child, a friend you are hugging their spirit. We all need to feel loved and valued and the greatest way you can make anyone feel like they really do matter is to give them some of your time. Sometimes the problem is not time at all but rather how we mismanage it. If this was your last day to live, would you be proud of the way you managed your time?


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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