Do You Blurt Out While Someone is Talking?


Communication does not come easy. Some people listen to respond which leaves the person who is excited to be heard feeling disregarded and deflated. Sometimes we forget that the words of someone speaking are as important and valuable as the words we can’t keep from blurting out of our own mouths. I struggle with it also and am practicing listening without speaking. What is more beautiful than loving someone enough to be there for them and just listen. Remember, sometimes someone just wants to share something and we have to remember they are not interested in our assumptions, criticism or opinions. Most times, they are desperately needing and aching to be heard, hoping for someone…YOU to listen and value them enough to actually hear them. Remember, sometimes it is best just to be quiet and allow someone else to finish what they started. Don’t blurt out or interrupt what they are trying so desperately to tell you or eventually they won’t want to share anything with you anymore.


2 thoughts on “Do You Blurt Out While Someone is Talking?

  1. Ah, the act of active listening… like you I really struggle with this but my children, especially when they were young, have taught me to be patient. It’s worst when they are excited, desperate to tell me their news using their limited vocabulary whilst their overexcited minds are going a hundred miles an hour. They can barely form a sentence but you have to wait for them, let them stutter and think of words to get their message out. There is such a temptation to help finish their sentences but it is equally endearing and so worth it to watch them find the right words for themselves. They have taught me to listen and be patient – I’m very grateful for that.


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