Are You Feeling Thankful?


Two days from now we celebrate Thanksgiving. This time of year I focus all my energy on feeling thankful. In a world full of reasons to feel full and satisfied, many people feel empty. It physically pains me to watch people fixate on the wrong things. If you put your energy into anger and wallow in self pity, you will create more of the same. If you focus on your blessings and put your time and attention into loving the people around your table, you will receive more blessings. Sometimes we think the problem is everything and everyone else when the truth is the root of the problem is our own thinking. Do you focus on what is wrong or do you practice feeling good about what is right? You can change your life and how you see the people in it but it takes some hard work. If people had any idea how much changing their own thinking could elevate their own lives and bring joy, how could they not choose to do it?

On this day, if there’s only one thing you can really feel grateful for in the depths of your heart, spend time there and watch how different you will feel at the end of this day. Count your blessings and put that list of complaints in the garbage. Commit to thankfulness and life and the people it will transform before your eyes.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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