What’s in Your Bag?


What you take with you when you turn to go is so important. Put down what you don’t need to carry. Any pain, regret, hurt can stay behind. Don’t drag it into the new year. Put your chin up, take one look back and close the door. Today I feel blessed to leave 2018 with a grateful heart. I am excited anticipating what waits for me as I step into another year. My intention for anyone reading this is that you find yourself this year. I pray you experience unshakable peace and joy and start to really believe that you are amazing exactly the way you are and you are worthy of every blessing life has to offer. May your journey into 2019 find you surrounded with more love and abundance then ever before. Every single day is a blessing. Notice the little things and the big things will follow. Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.


This Moment is Enough


Whatever I have in this moment, help me be grateful. For it is enough.

Recently I took a trip home for Christmas. There were many of us competing for the hot water that comes on a timer. Today as I sank deep into my own hot bath water, I was reminded to have a grateful heart. Sometimes unknowingly, we stop noticing the blessings we have right in front of us. As I enjoy my tankless hot water heater, I think about those who never enjoy the luxury of a hot bath or three square meals every single day. It is easy to fall victim to our misconception of lack. We often compare ourselves to the people who have more forgetting there are those who have so much less.

Today, remember to have a grateful heart. Don’t lose sight of any little thing that would be a major blessing to someone else. Don’t allow the enemy to harden your heart or turn selfishness into who you become. Count your blessing and not your problems. Be kind, be tender. Use your empty hand to reach down and pull someone up. Be a blessing. Teach people the grace they have never known. Love them when they don’t deserve to be loved. Help them when you’d rather look the other way. This is a perfect time to be the change you know you can be. Don’t sit back and wait, do it now. Bridle your tongue, feed the poor, pray for the ones who bring you judgement and pain. Soften in your thoughts, in your actions and especially in your words. Stop being bitter and make the choice to take the first step forward to be better. Stop carrying your past, your anger, resentment, pain. Fill yourself with words that remind you who you are and who others were created to be. It is not your job to punish or judge. It is your job to love. Start by loving and praising every blessing in your life and I promise those destructive thoughts of lack will be replaced with appreciation and joy. Go ahead. Do it now.

The In Between


There’s always that car ride after Christmas when I am traveling from here to there. I call it the in between. It’s that place of reflection when I look back on the previous year and I head into a new one. Some people never quite make it out of one and into another. They remain stuck there sometimes for years of their life while time continues to slip on by. When your thoughts and feelings drag you backwards there isn’t a chance of ever moving forward. Every year that passes is one less Christmas I will celebrate with family. When we get too consumed with ourselves or we remain stuck in the past, we lose sight of the fact that the sand in the hourglass eventually runs out. There are no do overs for days or years and one can only hope that each year we make the decision to live better. Our time is precious but it is also fleeting. So here I am in between last year and next hoping that I will leave this year with some positive growth. I don’t want to be the person I was yesterday and I am excited to evolve into the person the good Lord made me to be. So what are your thoughts today as you pause in this in between? Will you move back, walk forward or remain stuck in that place that holds you back from becoming the best version of yourself? The good news is you are the one who gets to decide. I always choose a word…a theme to enter a new year with. This year I have two, joy and change. 2019, here I come.

Some Motivation For Today


I used to wake up thinking why? Why today? Why do I have to open my eyes and feel fear and dread for what lies ahead?

Today I am in the most amazing place. It didn’t happen over night and I worked hard to get here but I am excited to tell you that you can get here too. Just hang in there. It will get better but you have to really want it to.

Today, may you feel a sense of peace deep in your soul, a greater joy than you have ever known and an awareness of all the wonderful blessing around you. I pray you feel loved and worthy. You are enough right now, just the way you are. Receive love. Receive joy. Receive everything that is good.

Stretch Yourself


All I ever hear is how nobody has enough time. I believe we have an immense amount of time but we lose track of how careless we become with it. I asked myself the other day, is there any quality in my time? After some painful truth I got real and decided I would accept a new challenge to give more time to others. What better time than the season of giving to spread myself out doing exactly that? This is week one and I am excited and nervous at the same time. My goal is to provide love, food and support to those who need it most and I pray I am up to the challenge. So today I challenge you and invite you to walk with me on this journey. Quality over quantity is today’s mantra!

This is a reminder to stretch yourself. Set a goal to reach out to someone in need. Volunteer, cook someone a meal, help someone out. Turn off the tv, put down your phone and use your time to do something that really matters to somebody else. What do you say?

Life vs. Game


I started playing this game on my phone called Coin Master. It’s silly really. You spin a wheel and acquire money to purchase and complete your village while others simultaneously try to destroy it. I am fascinated that we willingly choose to partake in destroying someone as they are trying to rebuild. What is the point? How can anyone ever win if those are the rules of the game? The parallel to real life leaves me feeling a little bit sad. In real life we would move heaven and earth to do anything for our tribe. We would do everything to build them up right, yet in the next breath we voluntarily destroy them with our tongue. Why isn’t our instinct to protect the ones we call family and friends rather than to attack and hurt them? If we can’t help them why can’t we at least not harm them? Is it pride? Arrogance? Why can’t we do better when we know better instead of making the same mistakes over and over and why are we so afraid to set boundaries so people can no longer walk all over one another? Something has to change. What we tolerate has to change and what we allow ourselves to get away with has got to be acknowledged and changed. Maybe we play these silly games the same way we live our lives or maybe we forget that people’s feelings are not a game as we continue to stomp all over them with our dirty boots. We are better than this. If we aren’t then we should be and we must stop making excuses for poor behavior. If you have a boundary problem…set some boundaries but do not allow yourself to hurt or disrespect a fellow human being. Learn to bridle your tongue and be accountable for your words. Words alone can completely destroy someone or lift them up. Don’t waste your words or the time you have in this world. You are leaving an imprint. Are you brave enough to look deep enough to see what it really looks like? Be better and stop being so darn mean and bitter. And stop provoking people with your tongue. You always have a choice to be quiet. Sometimes silence is better than words. Know the difference.