This Moment is Enough


Whatever I have in this moment, help me be grateful. For it is enough.

Recently I took a trip home for Christmas. There were many of us competing for the hot water that comes on a timer. Today as I sank deep into my own hot bath water, I was reminded to have a grateful heart. Sometimes unknowingly, we stop noticing the blessings we have right in front of us. As I enjoy my tankless hot water heater, I think about those who never enjoy the luxury of a hot bath or three square meals every single day. It is easy to fall victim to our misconception of lack. We often compare ourselves to the people who have more forgetting there are those who have so much less.

Today, remember to have a grateful heart. Don’t lose sight of any little thing that would be a major blessing to someone else. Don’t allow the enemy to harden your heart or turn selfishness into who you become. Count your blessing and not your problems. Be kind, be tender. Use your empty hand to reach down and pull someone up. Be a blessing. Teach people the grace they have never known. Love them when they don’t deserve to be loved. Help them when you’d rather look the other way. This is a perfect time to be the change you know you can be. Don’t sit back and wait, do it now. Bridle your tongue, feed the poor, pray for the ones who bring you judgement and pain. Soften in your thoughts, in your actions and especially in your words. Stop being bitter and make the choice to take the first step forward to be better. Stop carrying your past, your anger, resentment, pain. Fill yourself with words that remind you who you are and who others were created to be. It is not your job to punish or judge. It is your job to love. Start by loving and praising every blessing in your life and I promise those destructive thoughts of lack will be replaced with appreciation and joy. Go ahead. Do it now.


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