Which Day is Your Favorite?


Do you have a favorite day of the week? I would have to say mine is Thursday. Today is the day I surround myself with a beautiful tribe of woman who inspire me and open my mind to things I never knew before. In a world where most people think they know it all, I choose a world where there are unlimited resources to always learn and grow. A closed mind does not allow for growth, only stagnation. Be open to learning something new today. At least give some consideration to something outside of your norm of thinking. Step out of your box.


Be a Light


Lately I feel that we are being called to help. There is always some way we can be a blessing to someone else. The opportunity is right there all around us. Today, stop staring at your phone and look for a chance to be a light in someone’s life. Make eye contact, open a door, buy someone a coffee of drop off some old coats and blankets to a homeless shelter. You have no idea the difference you can make when you set the intention to do just that. Be the difference.

Move The Mountain


They say a situation will keep presenting itself until we finally learn the lesson. I always believed that because I’ve experienced it in my own life but what dawned on me today left me breathless. I have always been an advocate for my son at school. I have devoted years of my life fighting on behalf of kids who couldn’t fight for themselves. As I got ready for our annual meeting today, I became completely debilitated. I was hunched over from pain in my stomach as a result of my anxiety. I thought I had overcome this. I made the effort to forgive and move forward but today caught me totally off guard. It was so clear to me that if you face a reoccurring situation and have not yet healed from the pain the situation caused, when put back in that same scenario, the pain comes back. I had to remind myself that although I had to face my past, I was not that same person from back then. My foundation is strong now and I am no longer a prisoner to those days. Tonight I make the decision to release this pain. It’s finally time to let it go. I’ve been carrying this mountain for too long and it is time to put it down and leave it behind. If there is something inside of you that has not fully healed, now is the time to release the grip it has on you. We have enough to carry and past pain does not need to be one of them. Seriously, move that mountain out of your way. You don’t have to climb it anymore.

Something to Smile About


A friend stopped by the house earlier to bring me a plaque for my wall. It made me smile and I hope it brings a smile to your face as well. It said this,

More Wag and Less Bark

Go out and wag your tail! Hope you find some happiness and laughter in your Tuesday!

May Your Roots Go Down Deep


For years I have listened and watched as certain voices grew louder and bigger. I sat back quietly as the crowds who disrespected the very things I believed in became like loud, childlike bullies. I thought keeping the peace was best for everyone but now I find myself in crisis because of my silence. I know now that I never have to defend myself because of what or who I believe in. I don’t owe anyone an explanation about what or why I believe something. Yes we have the right to disagree but we do not have the right to disrespect and demean. And if someone does, I do not have to receive it. We have come to a crossroad in time where we must be so grounded that our roots go so deep until we are unshakeable. It’s taken me years to live comfortable in my own skin where I feel safe to use my God given voice to speak His word. I am not I shamed. I am faithful and I will not apologize to people who do not feel the same. One of my favorite quotes is this,

Be You. The world will adjust.

Carry that thought out into your day.

Bridle Your Own Tongue


I had a tough moment that made me pause and look within which is sometimes a really hard thing to do. I had a conversation with someone today who was judging a person really hard for some words that were spoken. I thought to myself, what if God judged me for every single word that comes out of my mouth as the reality hit me that He does. I am human which automatically means I am so far from perfection when it comes to speaking. I struggle more and more each day to choose my words carefully but believe me when I tell you it is a full time job. I know the effort and dedication it takes and still there are times when I completely slip up and get it wrong. How many times can we see the error in someone else’s words yet we do nothing to bridle our own tongues from speaking words out loud that should never be spoken? Why is our inclination to judge another persons words while at the same time we are so careless with our own? This is a reminder today that the focus should be on the words we speak and so much so that we do not have the the slightest desire to judge words that come from any other. It seems like a simple concept so why do we struggle so hard with this one?

WHAT Do YOU Think?


I loved philosophy class when I was back in college. I am an over thinker by nature and I love when a new aha moment pops into my head. I used to be intrigued by the quote by Descartes:

I think, therefore I am.

What if the same was true in reverse? I am, therefore I think. I feel like that phrase alone raises the level of accountability with the thoughts we think. It is our responsibility to make sure that our thoughts come from our inner self and that what we think is not shaped or changed because we place too much value on information we get outside of ourselves. In a time where we have so many opinion shows and stations, is a wonder we are so confused? Go inward and listen to your own voice. Just something to think about today.

Blanket Someone With Love Today


Yesterday I went through all of my old closets to dig out any old blankets I had around the house. One of the resource centers in the city made a plea asking for donations of blankets for our homeless population. As I got out of my car with blankets in hand, someone started beeping wildly. When I looked up at the driver, she yelled from her window thank you so much and may God bless you.

When I went to bed last night I couldn’t get warm. I have a house, I have heat and even with blankets on my bed, I was still chilled to the bone. I woke up today worried about the people on the streets and the ones without heat. Sometimes we get so wrapped up complaining about the drama in our own lives that we forget to be grateful for the blessings we have. If you can help the less fortunate, I urge you to do it. Something as simple as a blanket and some old clothes could make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.

Today count your blessings. Don’t curse your life or your circumstances but put things in perspective as you take a warm shower and drive your car to work. There is so much to be grateful for and when we focus on those things, the way we view our life changes. Our problems become much smaller than they sometimes appear. Bless someone today anyway you can.

Rise and Shine


Rise and shine your beautiful light everywhere you go today. Your smile, your kindness, even a simple hello can mean the world to someone who is hurting today. There is so much pain and suffering and someone, somewhere needs you to look into their eyes and take notice. See them deeply and let them feel your love and compassion. Let them know they are not alone because you are there sharing a moment and taking a tiny part of their fear and burden away. Just seeing someone makes a difference to so many who feel invisible.

My Words of Wisdom


When we stop responding to disrespect with disrespect, everything will change. I often say, if you jump in your car every night and drive to Walmart you will end up at Walmart. If you want to reach a new destination you have to steer your car in the direction you want to go.