What If You’re Wrong?


I believe now more than ever that the source behind a strained relationship is often misunderstanding. We forget that we can go through identical experiences yet view them two entirely different ways. We see based on the way we feel. If we make a decision about something in our head, I can guarantee we will see every little detail that leads us to that pre conceived conclusion. However, if we could overcome ourselves enough to have a serious in depth conversation that would allow us to see that same situation from the different set of eyes, we would not only gain an immense amount of compassion for the other person but we would also see how our behavior along with our individual feelings left us trapped in a place in time stifling the potential growth that could have built our relationships to something greater than we ever imagined.

We forget sometimes that the way we see something is not the truth about a situation. It is the truth we have been led to believe but there is a pretty strong chance what we believe could not be further from the truth. This is a reminder to rediscover the art of communication. Listen without judging or planning a response and then be open to give the same respect when it is your turn to respond. So many of the right things go unsaid and before we know it we’ve said too many wrong things that can never be taken back. False beliefs lead to anger and resentment so make it a point to sit down with people and get to the bottom of every wrong thought so that we longer hold anything against one another but grow in love and understanding as we see how different our shared experience can actually be. Maybe we got it right, maybe we got it partly right, or maybe we had most of it wrong the entire time.

Learn and Grow.

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