My Spoken Word


You may feel tired and beat down but you are not done. Your life is not worthless and you are not insignificant. It is time to say no to the lies that hold you back and isolate you from other people. We were not meant to divide or be divided but we have a duty and a calling to bring peace and unity. We are not chaos. We are called to bring calm. We are not here in this world at this time because we are nothing. Our purpose is great and now is the time to wake up.

YOU were meant to lead and not follow

YOU were meant to raise people up who have been too weak to stand for themselves. Do not just help them up, teach them and give them the confidence to stand on their own. If people cannot see, show them the way. If they cannot hear, find another way. We are here to fight the good fight and not be conformed to this world but to conform the world and rise it to a level that only those who are awake could ever comprehend. We are better than what we are becoming. It’s time to choose another direction. The time is now. Know your value, believe in your worth and make a difference. Turn the noise down and listen with your heart. You know the truth. You will not find it in the news…it exists inside of you. Fight by bringing peace. Fight by resisting to engage in nonsense. Don’t look the other way but look another way. You are the way. Be a lamp.


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