The Alarm is Going Off


I’m really beside myself today. I cannot for the life of me understand how everything has turned into a war.

Fight to the death.

Kill and destroy.

What was the day, the hour when people decided to actively partake in destroying a fellow human beings life? I look at social media and how many people have come under attack and it pains me that we actually have a choice and some people still choose to use their time, purpose and talent to absolutely ruin someone or a group of people. Has hate become invisible to the hateful eye? Is cruel the new cool and it doesn’t matter if something is even true as long as we can catch a ride on the bully bandwagon of public execution? We are so much better than this and if we aren’t then we should be. Can people not give anyone the benefit of the doubt? Are we so undisciplined that we cannot even wait to get the facts straight before we pass judgement? Do people even know what the word grace even means these days? I just can’t tonight because my heart is filled with hurt for what we are becoming. This is not our purpose. We are meant for so much more than this yet we allow ourselves to be reduced to such smallness. This is a wake up call and the alarm is going off.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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