My Words of Wisdom


When we stop responding to disrespect with disrespect, everything will change. I often say, if you jump in your car every night and drive to Walmart you will end up at Walmart. If you want to reach a new destination you have to steer your car in the direction you want to go.

One thought on “My Words of Wisdom

  1. Well, Americans – good, right-thinking, God-fearing Americans – tried that for decades, responding to the disrespect, distortions, and outright lies of the Left and their minorities with decorum and facts. And look what that got us, a nation broken by Identitarian politics and ravaged by various Leftist and minority mobs demanding the subjugation of those good, right-thinking, God-fearing Americans.

    No, we need to respond to disrespect with the back of our hands or bullets through the enemies’ bellies.


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