Your Words Kill


I read a story today about a young boy who took his life because of some kids who humiliated him for having a colostomy bag. When I see this onslaught of condemnation toward fellow human beings I cannot for the life of me understand how people still don’t get it. Your words, your public and social bullying, your judgement and even your opinions could very well be responsible for killing another human being. When your blame and assault leaves someone in such despair that he takes his own life, do you really not get it? What matters more to you? Insulting a young person on Facebook and comparing him to someone who has done something horrific…getting your likes and cheers from like minded people…is that more important than someone’s life and dignity? Are people really a joke or the latest headline? What if YOU were that person being jeered at? What if it was your child? Do we have to partake in this ugliness and why? What purpose does it serve for the one who does it? I am far from perfect but I value life and I honestly do try to make corrections when I see the error of my ways. If there is someone who needs to read this. If maybe there is a chance it reaches one person, feel free to share. It’s time to change the world and take it in a new direction. Will you join me?

9 thoughts on “Your Words Kill

  1. I don’t understand it either. I have no idea what makes people do it or what they get out of it. It’s an epidemic though. I believe that attitude towards others is a learned behavior and that it starts at home.


  2. koolaidmoms

    It is amazing to me that we have to have these conversations about being kind. This should NOT be a dividing issue. We are all human beings.


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