Bridle Your Own Tongue


I had a tough moment that made me pause and look within which is sometimes a really hard thing to do. I had a conversation with someone today who was judging a person really hard for some words that were spoken. I thought to myself, what if God judged me for every single word that comes out of my mouth as the reality hit me that He does. I am human which automatically means I am so far from perfection when it comes to speaking. I struggle more and more each day to choose my words carefully but believe me when I tell you it is a full time job. I know the effort and dedication it takes and still there are times when I completely slip up and get it wrong. How many times can we see the error in someone else’s words yet we do nothing to bridle our own tongues from speaking words out loud that should never be spoken? Why is our inclination to judge another persons words while at the same time we are so careless with our own? This is a reminder today that the focus should be on the words we speak and so much so that we do not have the the slightest desire to judge words that come from any other. It seems like a simple concept so why do we struggle so hard with this one?


2 thoughts on “Bridle Your Own Tongue

  1. It’s something I think we all struggle with. I try not to be judgmental and I try to be careful with words but alas, when emotions are added into the mix it’s difficult to slow down and think before speaking. It’s something that at least for me, will be a long process to practice. I think a lot of people examine what they say after the fact and try to learn from it in the future at least

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