Move The Mountain


They say a situation will keep presenting itself until we finally learn the lesson. I always believed that because I’ve experienced it in my own life but what dawned on me today left me breathless. I have always been an advocate for my son at school. I have devoted years of my life fighting on behalf of kids who couldn’t fight for themselves. As I got ready for our annual meeting today, I became completely debilitated. I was hunched over from pain in my stomach as a result of my anxiety. I thought I had overcome this. I made the effort to forgive and move forward but today caught me totally off guard. It was so clear to me that if you face a reoccurring situation and have not yet healed from the pain the situation caused, when put back in that same scenario, the pain comes back. I had to remind myself that although I had to face my past, I was not that same person from back then. My foundation is strong now and I am no longer a prisoner to those days. Tonight I make the decision to release this pain. It’s finally time to let it go. I’ve been carrying this mountain for too long and it is time to put it down and leave it behind. If there is something inside of you that has not fully healed, now is the time to release the grip it has on you. We have enough to carry and past pain does not need to be one of them. Seriously, move that mountain out of your way. You don’t have to climb it anymore.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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