What Kind of Friend Are You?


Sometimes we find out who our friends are in the hardest seasons of our lives. We can be surrounded by all kinds of people and then we fall off the cliff, stuck below, with not a single person to help us find a way to get back up. It is during those times when we need people the most but sometimes they are so centered on their own selves that they haven’t even noticed that we’ve gone missing from the fall.

My advice to you is don’t be that friend who doesn’t notice. Be the first one there willing and ready to offer your hands to pull someone back up onto solid ground. Be a safety net, a source of hope and help. We are meant to love one another and to support and encourage people through every season that life brings. Be the friend you want to have. Be the person you’d want to call in a time of need. Be the difference each one of us desperately needs.

One thought on “What Kind of Friend Are You?

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