Be Still


I woke up remembering a story I read a few years ago and I believe someone needs to hear this message today.

It’s the story about the person stuck in raging waters. She is flailing her arms, fighting the current and so exhausted that she really believes she is going to drown. Then, just before she makes the decision to surrender to what looks like is about to consume her, a little voice comes from deep inside and quietly whispers, just stand up. The truth is the water wasn’t deep at all but the person, in the midst of trouble, was so focused to keep her head above water that she didn’t even think to try and put her feet on the ground.

Stop fighting where you are. Sometimes, even when it’s uncomfortable, you are meant to be in a particular place at a certain time. We can try and understand it but the reality is we must focus on the challenge to push through whatever it is. The situation isn’t going anywhere but we are. We will push through to the other side until we can step out of the mess that is trying to destroy who we are. A situation looks so much bigger when we are fighting against it. Just relax and stand tall until the storm of challenge blows on through. If you are staring at the problem, there isn’t a chance you will see a solution. You have persevered through every obstacle life has ever thrown in your path. We have navigation for that. There IS another way and when we learn to be still the answer will come.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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