Be The One


I often wonder how we’ve become so far removed from one another. When someone is drowning in the middle of a storm, how is it we fail to even notice? When someone looks drained and exhausted, why is it so hard to say, I see your pain and I will help you through it. Why can’t we be the love, compassion, encouragement and support that we long for in our own lives? What if you took a chance and extended a hand to someone who lost his footing? What if you were the one person to lift him up when no one else even noticed he had fallen so far down?

Be a life line. Be hope. Be help. Be a friend. Be love. Be the one who makes a difference.

2 thoughts on “Be The One

  1. I’m happy to notice, and to help. I have done. May I suggest however, that whatever we do to help others comes from the heart, and that we don’t expect anything in return but joy in the doing.


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