You Matter


I woke up today feeling suffocated with gratitude. Aren’t those days awesome when your eyes pop open and you just feel amazing?

I am here to remind you that although the world can seem big and overwhelming, you are not forgotten. You are visible and important and valuable. I know sometimes you may feel small but that feeling is a lie. There is nothing small about you. There is only one you and you were created to be unique, one of a kind. Do not fall victim to comparison. Recognize we all have gifts, strengths, weakness and vulnerability. Don’t be defined by the walls you build around yourself. Break through them! Climb over them! Change that voice in your head to say I do matter. I have a place here.

Sometimes when I need a pick me up, I put on my favorite socks that come fully equipped with red capes. Remind yourself that we all have an inner rockstar or an inner superhero. Step onto that stage or into your phone booth and let that bold person come on out. Don’t be afraid to shine. Your light does make a difference. You make a difference.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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