Don’t be Fooled


Life has a funny way of teaching me some hard lessons. Earlier today I wrote about having a foundation on rock or sand. It seemed like there was only one obvious choice as I wrote the words but I’ve spent most of the night choking on them. I think we have to come to an agreement on certain things. We all have those situations or people who trigger us in the worst ways. We may think we are prepared to stand strong through the storm but there’s always that one thing that can knock us off balance. It took me the whole day to finally stand firm and say no way, not again. I will be grateful in spite of this circumstance, I will be happy regardless of how this old wound encourages me to bleed. We have to make a conscious decision not to be overcome by the dark cloud that looms around waiting to catch us off guard.

Today is a reminder that you will stumble but don’t you dare let that lead to a full on fall. Know when it’s time to ground yourself and redirect your mind before it gets caught up in something that really does not matter. It may seem like a big deal in the moment but in the span of a lifetime, is it really worth the shaking you felt in your knees? You are an overcomer. One little mishap will never define you and you are not a victim of any circumstance. Come back into focus and you will realign to perfect balance. The sky is not falling so do not be fooled by a silly mirage.


3 thoughts on “Don’t be Fooled

  1. A long time ago I taught myself to ask myself a question in moments of tension, anger, or disappointment,. My self question is “Will this be important one year from now?” Adding a
    little perspective to the moment always helped me.

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