Everything is Upside Down


It is so hard to be a good parent in these troubled times. I’m not sure when or how this happened but families are so broken today and a large percentage of kids are left on their own. Parents who have rules, enforce them, provide, put dinner on a table and expect respect are the parents who get a bad rap these days. Kids who have the whole package envy the kids with parents who don’t care enough to set a time to be home or even care if their kids come home at all. It’s a real struggle and I seem to be losing this battle. When did what is right become wrong and what is wrong become popular. I don’t understand.

7 thoughts on “Everything is Upside Down

  1. This period is much more difficult for raising children than our parents time. With social media and instant access to information and communication, todays Moms and Dads are up against a tidal wave of peer pressure, conflicting messages, and hate. I am afraid parenting will be even more difficult for future generations. Sorry, to sound like a pessismist.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

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  2. I hear you loud and clear! I see and hear about the struggles many parents are having raising their children these days. I say keep doing what you are doing and pray that they will turn around. One thing is for sure, you can not allow them to defeat you. Stay strong and firm, and believe they will come around. They don’t stay children forever, they will soon see the light. Although, my children are adults I once struggled with a rebel of a child and I stopped worrying and used tough love. He eventually saw the light and thanked me. No more problems after that. It will get better, stay in faith within yourself as well as your children.


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