Just Hold On


Sometimes you have to smile while your heart is breaking. Sometimes you have to get out and face the world when everything inside of you just wants to stay in bed. We go through seasons when our heart hurts and our faith is shaken but we have to get up knowing eventually the weather will change. Nothing remains constant not even the hardest times. They may seem endless but the darkness will fade into light and all you can do is breathe and be patient. If you are in that season that seems long and difficult, I am here to remind you to hold on a little bit longer. You will find strength in the storm and you will make it through. The light is right there on the other side. Wait for it.

6 thoughts on “Just Hold On

  1. The ability to hold on just a little bit longer is a process in itself. This post is poignant for me because it’s a daily mantra in my life. I would like to add that in the process of holding on – we need to be so discerning because stormy times are just like moments after a heavy rain and those who sheltered themselves will have to emerge to discover that the sun had been shinning all along. It’s all about discernment – knowing when it’s right to make the right move with the right people.


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