The Silent Killer


Secrets can be so painful. The more they stay tucked away inside of you, the more power they have to destroy you. I’ve met so many people lately that seem scared to death to share the innermost parts of themselves. I have always been pretty transparent and bold when it comes to sharing but I have also kept some things to myself and allowed them to have power over me. Let’s be honest, people don’t always have the best intentions and it is difficult to know who to trust and lean on in the hardest times in life. So what do we do to release the poison that is pulsing through our veins. What do we do with the one thing we need to share to find release but will also cause some to gossip and condemn us? They say the truth will set you free but how do you tell it to a world who is willing to hand us a coat of shame?

I am on a new walk in my life. I am really focusing on who God says I am and that has robbed the value of the opinions of others. The freedom that comes with being free to be who I am and tell it like it is has allowed me to soar higher than even before. I’ve also learned that when I take the risk to share with others, slowly and surely they start to trust me and open up too. The depth of my relationships has been the greatest reward.

Secrets are a silent killer. They kill our spirit and rob us of our peace and joy. Today I say be bold. Own it all….every experience, each and every circumstance. Walk with your head held high and never ever agree to partner with shame. Be unapologetically you and don’t let anything hold you back from the freedom that’s waiting for you. Step into it! I promise you will love the way it looks on you.

Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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