Wait For It


I woke up thinking about some of the hardest situations we have to push through. It can feel unbearable in the moment and often times cruel and unfair. We cry out asking why and begging for a fast forward button that never seems to come. We must find the courage and strength to stand up and take a single step at a time. There are some days we can only breathe because the thought of doing anything more overwhelms us to the point of despair. Sometimes we must be so completely broken so that there will be no path left to the old self we are forced to leave behind. We have to remind ourselves that the picture we can see is so limited but there is so much more to the story that is beautifully transforming us than we imagine is destroying is. There is always hope even on the darkest and most difficult days. I challenge myself and you to look for it no matter how small it may seem. You never know what tomorrow holds. You just have to hang on in faith until the sun comes up and that new day is here.

One thought on “Wait For It

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