Just Be Quiet


I saw a meme with these words…

You have no idea how one conversation, one word of encouragement or one expression of love might change ones life.

As I read these words today my heart felt a little heavy as the reality of truth sunk in. We have to acknowledge the opposite must also be true.

You have no idea how one damaging conversation, one word or anger , or one expression of disgust and disappointment can change someone’s life.

How careless we are with our words and expression when we are in a state of anger. How demeaning we can be when we embrace this desire and need to be right and become consumed with each and every feeling we partner with each moment. Our words and actions, our tone and the noises of disgust that come out of our mouths hurt the very people we are supposed to love. What do our words tell others about us? Are we filled with God or filled with self? I love this verse and it couldn’t be more clear,

And so blessing and cursing come pouring out of the same mouth. Surely, my brothers and sisters, this is not right!

Less of us and more of you God! It’s time to be accountable for our words and what they do to other people. It’s time to shed our self and finally make the decision to say no way, not me, never again.


Stop huffing and puffing. Stop speaking your need to be right and make the choice only to speak words that build people up. Let this be a reminder as you go through this day.


A Lesson Learned


There was a time in my marriage when my husband would make suggestions for a particular outing. It pains me to remember how much I would resist his ideas. I guess I was so caught up in thinking it wouldn’t be something that interested me instead of realizing the gift that he wanted to share an experience with me that was important to him. Let this be a reminder that everything is not about you. Sometimes it’s about loving another person enough to spend time doing something they want to share with you regardless whether it sounds appealing, even if you are tired. Don’t miss those moments that could really make a difference to someone who loves you enough to share what lights a fire in their heart. If you are the type of person who does not go along with others ideas, you are withholding the blessing from the person who loves you enough to desire to do something with you in the first place. Worse than that, you deny yourself the blessing of growing in your relationships and maybe discovering that you too would really enjoy what that person genuinely wants to share. I know it made a huge difference in my own marriage and I hope this lesson makes a difference in all of your relationships. We can bless others or hurt them. We can choose to love others or love ourselves. There’s always a choice. Make it carefully and remember how hurtful your resistance can feel to others. There will come a day that they will just stop asking, a day that they stop trying to share their life with you and I promise that day you will be full of regret.

If I Could


If I could make today perfect for you I would. If I could give you one hour without doubts and fears I would.

If I could fill your heart with joy and your mind with thoughts of love I would watch you overflow with everything that is good.

If I could erase your insecurities and give you the confidence of who you are through my eyes I would.

If I could erase every feeling of less than and replace them with more than enough, you know I would.

If I could give you a constant peace that would nurture your heart you know I would.

Today I pray you find the strength to withstand every battle, the courage to face and overcome every fear and the knowledge that there is someone somewhere praying for you and loving you and even you feel all alone.

Enjoy the Journey


It’s both exciting and frightening to start something new. My thoughts have been wavering back and forth like a see saw in my head.

Yes this is going to be a good thing.

Am I crazy?

Should l just have kept things the way they have always been?

Sometimes the mind is not your friend and you have to take a deep breath and trust in the new steps you are about to take. How will I ever know if I don’t try something different or risk walking in a new, unfamiliar direction? Maybe something amazing is on the other side of a single decision.

Even when I cannot walk in confidence, I can walk in faith and trust that no matter what the road looks like up ahead, I can sit back, buckle up and choose to enjoy the incredible journey. If you are going to try something new, be all in. Jump in with both feet and run full speed ahead. Don’t even think about looking back. Eyes forward in the direction you are going.