Plant Those Seeds


We have an option to succumb to weakness or lead by example. Sometimes it seems like life throws us a series of uphill battles until we grow tired and weary. It’s easy for discouragement to creep in until we wave the white flag and let out a defeated sigh as we choke out the words I surrender.

In this day and age, the ones called to lead are following and the ones meant to follow are leading. We have a responsibility to turn things right side up.

We can either sit back and watch things happen or we step into the calling to make things happen. Don’t get discouraged. Remain consistent and believe that your example is a seed. Keep planting and one day you will see a harvest!


Refuse to Shrink


You will never be enough for some.

Your words will be wrong.

Your actions will be wrong.

They will always see you as wrong.

Remember that some people find fault like they get paid for it.

Some people can see everyone else’s transgressions but can never see their own.

The problem is not who you are. The problem is they are so consumed with self that their view of others is constantly distorted.

Walk away. Move on and never lose a single minute of peace over the opinions of sheep.

Surround yourself with people who value your worth and build you up. You deserve better and they don’t deserve your time or loyalty.

Rise up! The time is now. Refuse to shrink to the size someone tries to cut you down to. Be bigger than the smallness around you.

Bring Hope Not Fear


You will come across people who are facing challenges that are hard. Don’t look at them with pity because their world is not about to end. Setbacks are stepping stones for comebacks. Offer to do something kind. Encourage them, pray and believe with them that God is making a way and doing something more amazing than we could ever imagine. Reach out, lift up, encourage. One kind expression can change someone’s day but so can one look of dread. Bring the hope someone needs today.