Where Are You God?


These are crazy times we are living in. This morning I was certain I woke up in the twilight zone. Schools are switching to online instruction, sports are shutting down, concerts are being canceled. Even SAT testing is being postponed and there is hardly a roll of toilet paper sitting on the store shelf. Sometimes when everything is spinning out of control I ask the question where are you God and He shows me how His hand is gently guiding the circumstances in my life. Most people I know are exhausted. They have schedules that never seem to end. They are pulled in 17 different directions and they don’t have a single second to take a breath. As these distractions and other worldly contamination is slowly removed I believe people will start to hear and recognize God in the stillness that will come from these unusual circumstances. We are moving back to a time when our families spent time together and had heart to heart talks and we didn’t spend all our time driving from one activity to another. Remember a time when we finished clearing the table after dinner and then stayed there to play some good old fashioned board games? Welcome back to these times. We are returning to the things that really matter. We’ve lost ourselves, our sanity and our balance amidst these distractions and we didn’t even notice. Our priorities have been out of whack. People are now coming together in ways like never before because instead of being on opposing sides of a situation we are all in this together rooting for the same outcome. I believe God is working all things together for our good and He will use this situation that was meant to harm us and turn it around to bless us in unexpected ways. Look for the blessings! You can put your faith into this virus or you can put your faith in God. I choose God every time. He is in the stillness if you can see through this chaos. I will not live in fear but I will embrace this change and see the good in every second. My eyes will be on Him and not the local news. What are you going to do?

4 thoughts on “Where Are You God?

  1. Some might think this crisis is a work of evil. Some might question or give up on or even forget faith. But, I think the solution to getting through this is to remember one’s faith and not let go of it.

    This is a test of the emergency faith system. And, there have been plenty of instructions that followed the silent sirens. Of all times an emergency siren did not sound…

    I have noticed a slight improvement in some family dynamics. I also have heard some news station made a statement about aliens being real? Anything is possible. Thus I am open to four possibile explanations for this crisis:

    1) Someone introduced a new virus to repel an alien invasion, hoping a sick planet would stop invaders from safely landing and taking control.

    2) Someone introduced a new virus to control the next US Presidential election. ‘Would not surprise me if Trump tried it and picked on China.

    3) Aliens are responsible for the virus and are testing all of us or weeding out certain humans to make the planet more receptive.

    4) The crisis is a government plot similar to the gun ban drop, an effort to reduce the human population without committing mass murder directly. Instead of telling people there are too many of them on the planet, someone secretly enacts a sneaky bomb to thin the flocks and maintain some kind of order of the fittest. In this case, these celebrities in quarantine who test positive but have no symptoms may just be valuable assets being put in a “Noah’s Ark” while the “flood” takes out the weak, sick and poor.


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