Will You Look Away


As so many sit in fear over the thought of isolating for 14 days, I sit here by the bedside of a little boy. He doesn’t get to go to school like other children. His momma can’t do the things we take for granted like run to the store, take a long shower or lay down to take a nap. She can’t go out for lunch or on dates with her husband. They are isolated all the time. Isolation has become their new normal due to medical issues. Somehow, someway they have become lost in a world that looks the other way. Imagine if a few weeks of being trapped in our homes causes so much turmoil and angst, how a lifetime of quarantine and seclusion would feel. My heart hurts knowing how much we are failing people right in our own communities who have been crying out for help that never seems to come. I urge you today to reach out to the people who need you to look at their situation and offer whatever services you are able to give. How do they continue to go on when family and friends look the other way while they drown in their situation. It’s time to surround them with love, with help, with any kind of support we are capable of giving. Once you look it’s almost impossible to look away. It takes a village and each one of us is part of that village. Will you do your part?


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