What Are You Going To Do?


One day we woke up to a world that had changed. We had become people who became offended when something was not the way we expected it to be. We thought life was a drive up window and believed it was our right to order the world up the way we like it and riot and throw tantrums when we didn’t like what we saw. We have become a society of selfishness and entitlement. I want it now and I want it the way I think it should be. Will this offend some of you? Sure and it should because we are created for a purpose that is greater than our own selfishness.

Then covid.

I believe this is a time of redefining who we are. Who are we when we cannot control the outcome or manipulate the circumstances? There is a refining going on and I believe some of us will rise out of the destruction as warriors and leaders as others will continue to grumble and curse this new way of life. I am here to say get up. Pick yourself up and rise to the occasion. Be an encourager and lead people in choosing to have a good life in spite of the situations we face. Our circumstances DO NOT DEFINE US. Grace and perseverance and steadfastness will get us through. Your perception of this time will lead to triumph or downfall. Who are you when things are uncertain and you cannot control a single thing going on around you? You are not helpless and things are not hopeless. You are an overcomer by the blood of the lamb and the words of your testimony. So what will your testimony be? What will your role be in these times where you have been hand picked to make a difference in the times we face. Will you lay down and surrender or get up and fight with the strength and peace that comes only from God? I choose to fight. I choose to be happy and at peace and live a good life in spite of what I see. I will make the best out of everyday because my kids need that and the world needs that too. I will get up and notice everything to be grateful for. I will not focus on what is lost, I will focus on what I do have. I am not a victim. On days I am discouraged, I will press on and I will encourage others to do the same. This is the fight of your lifetime. You can grumble or you can choose to live. What are you going to do?


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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