My Thoughts This Morning


I woke up feeling unsettled. I try every single day to look past the ugliness but it follows me and taps me on the shoulder. Look, here I am! Today

I will continue to have faith in Gods Word. Only He Gets to define how I live and how I treat others. Society is not the gauge to measure myself against. Respectfully, the opinions of others hold little value. I will never tell anyone how to live or respond to the difficult challenges we face in these times. I will not join in with the spirits of accusation and intimidation. The devil will never use me to be his mouthpiece. Imagine if God showed judgement the way we do toward one another. Nope! We serve a loving God who is full of grace even when we do not deserve it. He does not berate or stalk or bully. He simply loves us whether we follow the path he has chosen for us or even when we choose a different way. He is faithful. He loves us in spite of it all. He loves us because love is who He is. There are no conditions to receive His love. He is the example.

Today I am reminded that when I feel discouraged I need to lift my eyes up. When the voices start to overwhelm me, I need to find a quiet place to hear His gentle whisper. I hear Him even now. Do not be conformed to this world. Guard your heart and mind and stay the course in spite of what you see.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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