The Story Behind the Picture


Do you ever really wonder what happens behind the scenes? The picture shows a moment in time but the script behind that moment is sometimes too painful for words. We all have struggles. There are unspeakable disappointments and hearts that have been broken to pieces that come together in a single moment to portray that second we decide to stand in faith and expose ourselves in the middle of a horrific storm.

We lay ourselves out in a moment and we hope for better times, healed hearts and restoration in our family, the world around us and in every part of our lives. We do our best to paint that smile on our face.

The next time you see a picture, look a little closer. See the joy but notice the worry on a face you didn’t see before. Look for humility in the face of a heart that’s fighting to stay proud. Ask God, how can I pray for these people today who struggle just like me? Be kind. Be a voice of encouragement. Be a safe place in a world who wants to hurt. Be quiet in a moment where the situation just needs your commitment to peace. Never use words spoke to you in confidence to hurt the person who told you or anyone else. Be committed to love and extend forgiveness in every situation you can. Let your hearts desire be to protect and NEVER intentionally harm others. Hurt people hurt people and healed people are a conduit of healing for others. There’s always a choice. Know there is so much more behind the scenes than what you see.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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