Friday’s Challenge


Today I challenge you to prove that your words mean something. If you say you are going to do something, follow through and back it up with action. Only when your words and actions are consistent will you ever attain any goal. I hear so many people say they are going to do something only to cancel or give some excuse as to why it never happens. Who wants to be predictable in that way? You are better than that. Hold yourself to a higher standard before you don’t believe a word that comes out of your own mouth. You are better than the excuses you tell and the people in your life deserve better than that too. Prove to yourself and eventually others that your words are filled with more than nonsense. I’m judging you hard on this and I am holding myself accountable as well. If you make a commitment, follow it through even when you don’t feel like it or this will become the latest bad habit that’s holding you back.

Keep Out! Let’s Start This Movement.


It dawned on me a moment ago that I am in total control of what I see, hear and think. Today, I will softly repeat KEEP OUT to myself. I will not let the bad stuff in. I will do no harm. KEEP OUT. I will not give anger and resentment or the need to control any of my attention. KEEP OUT. I will not speak words that rip our country apart. Judgement has no place in my life. Blame is not allowed. KEEP OUT. I will not allow the things that darken my hope and soul the power to consume me. KEEP OUT. I will not allow ignorant comments to shake my faith. KEEP OUT. I will not allow anyone to define me or determine my worth. KEEP OUT. I will not turn on the news. KEEP OUT. I will not engage in arguing. KEEP OUT. I will not look at anything else today or spread anything that pours out negativity. KEEP OUT. 

They say what you give your attention to grows in significant magnitude. What you see, hear, think and feel adds more of the same. Do not feed the things that are incompatible with your soul. Surround yourself with peace and love and do whatever it takes to love yourself and raise the vibration you carry around and send back out into the world. Save yourself. Protect your thoughts and make it your steadfast goal to be the change we so desperately need in this precious world.

Please share.

Clean Up Your Endless Mess


I walked into the laundry room earlier and the reality of what I saw slapped me right across the face and I’m still feeling the sting moments later. Two things jumped out at me. The drawer where I keep the sorted socks was left partially open and the cabinet where we store dog treats was left partially open as well. In fact, when I went in the kitchen this morning, the first thing I noticed was a cabinet door not completely closed. That’s what we do. Leave loose ends behind us everywhere we go.

As I watched the news this morning, the parallel was more than alarming. We don’t pay attention to how we leave things anymore. We dig in and get our hands full up dirty and then we leave an irresponsible mess behind us when we leave. I look at relationships that have been destroyed by messy words left behind or moments or anger where we throw someone who loves us away in the garbage and we can’t even do that right because they are left floating on the rim, casually hanging over the top. We can’t get onto the future because we are messing things up so carelessly as we go that we never finish cleaning up the mess we leave behind us. We cling and grip to the past and the mess instead of releasing that crap and moving toward the future and a cleaner, safer, better place. Look at the nonsense on the birther issue today. Let’s focus on the garbage of the past so the American people get stuck there and lose their focus on the future. Everyone needs to smarten up and be accountable from the news media to the people and each and everyone of us in our own personal relationships and circumstances. We have got to start expecting more from ourselves and stop using the past as a crutch to stay a total mess. It’s like we’ve grown into preschoolers instead of adults. Just look at the spin on the news and the acting out daily of the people in our personal lives. Often times I clench my fists and the voice in my head is screaming and pleading “grow the hell up,” 

I just needed to dump those thoughts out of my head so I could move past it to a better place. I will now purposely stick the song “Let It Go” in place of the voice as a reminder there are so many things I will never have the power to change. When we spin things on the news and spin our own thoughts and circumstances to play to a narrative that we want to believe, all we end up with is a wrinkled mess. And personally, I avoid that at all costs because if there’s one thing I know without a doubt it’s that I hate to iron.

Can You Help?


I need some help. I am really struggling with something so I thought I’d reach out and see if anyone has suggestions. I need to get my son the help he needs in school. The problem is, teachers are not being entirely honest because I am assuming they feel the need to protect themselves. I really do believe they think we are critiquing their ability to teach when we are struggling to understand Chases ability to learn. Here’s an example. When you look at his grades in algebra he has all b’s. This is a false representation of the truth because he has never gotten over a 67 on a test except for one which was a 77 after 10 points of extra credit. The teacher acted like she didn’t recall that and did not leave a note next to the grade indicating the 80 was a retake. Also, it was suggested by administrators that maybe Chase wasn’t putting in his best effort and we should expect him to get a b the first time. Otherwise, why bother trying when he can retake it. When he asked us why we thought he was capable the second time I explained when he does a retake, the teacher sits beside him and guides him through. She told me he does it all by himself and acted like she didn’t know what I was talking about. On the way to school, I asked him to tell me exactly what happens during a retake in math. He told me his teacher sits beside him and helps him through. When I asked if he ever took one in a seat away from her, he said no.

What do I do about that? How can I go up against people who do not care enough about a student to just tell it the way it is? How will we ever get what he needs if it appears he is doing just fine? I am devastated and in shock that someone would sit across a table and cover her own backside when she isn’t even on trial. It’s not about her. It is about helping him. Let me add that last year, his teacher used to send him home with a blank test because he couldn’t even do one problem independently  in class but I bet that isn’t on record anywhere either. And the nerve to pass it off as his lack of effort? I really need some advice. I am destroyed over this and this is just one example. I thought adults were honest. I thought I could trust teachers with the well being of my child and this is what we get? He deserves better. All our kids do.

We Are All Energy


My friend Danny over at Dream Big, Dream Often reminded me of something very important today. Sometimes we think our presence is much less significant than it actually is. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Make sure you check out his post from earlier today,

I have a 16 year old daughter who can be pretty moody sometimes. There are days she enters the room and brings her bad attitude with her. It is like a rotten grape that spoils the whole bunch. You can almost see everyone shrink in their chair trying to hide from the negativity that is as big as an elephant taking over a very small room. Other days, she is like a ray of sunshine and you can feel the energy in the room become much lighter. When she is her playful, silly self, happiness spreads through everyone like wildfire.

 One person does make a difference and it’s important to understand how significant that difference can really be.

We have to start to focus on the energy we carry around with us. In fact we should think of everyone we meet as a field of energy. Our attitude, our tone, whether we speak positively or negatively contributes to the energy as a whole. Sometimes we are so focused on someone else’s energy that we forget to be accountable for our own.

We cannot change anyone else. We cannot choose their words or actions but we CAN choose our own! Remember to check in with your own energy and ask yourself the honest question, what kind of energy do I bring to this space, be it home, work or anywhere else you might be. Your energy is one of many contributors to the overall energy of the world. Will you choose to add something negative or something positive? The choice is yours. What kind of imprint will you leave on the people around you? How will YOU change the world?

Set It Right


Daily Post prompt: Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you would fix it today.

So many thoughts ran through my head when I read this prompt. I could write about so many examples but many I am still not ready to address. They continue to slide and slide and one day I know I will have to take them on. Today, I will write about school. To make this post as short and simple as possible, I have allowed my sons teachers for the last two years to completely ignore the conditions of his 504. If I had the courage and the energy I would do two things differently. I would report them and follow through so that the school district would feel the repucussions of not holding their teachers accountable. I would also go to the news media and make a big stink out of the fact that teachers, who are supposed to teach kids to be accountable, follow rules and laws are the biggest hypocrites of all. Let me get one thing straight. I do not disrespect or dislike all teachers, what I do dislike is the double standard and the fact they do not hold themselves to the same standard they hold their students to. 

I am ashamed that apathy on my part will lead to more kids not getting what they need in the classroom, things they lawfully deserve. There are some battles that take too much out of me and I gave this fight all I had with no noticeable positive outcome. The bottom line is this, when people are not held accountable, they continue to get away with escaping what is expected of them. What a lose-lose result if you ask me. Anyway, I m ashamed I let this slide and I am sorry to admit I don’t have any fight left in me to continue on.

My Brain Works A little Bit Differently


These past few weeks I have witnessed some pretty devastating events. Recently, I have learned about an incident that happened in a high school in Texas. A friend of mine posted that a boy punched another boy and that boy fell backwards and hit his head in just the right spot to take his life. I have to say I was amazed at the comments going back and forth. It occurred to me that I often don’t agree with the norm. My views and opinions are very different from most and I believe it stems from the great deal of thought I give every situation.

I won’t go into detail about what was said. I won’t even argue that I thought they were wrong. I will tell you though how I raise my children and how I live my own life. I believe we are responsible for every word, every action, every choice and every interaction we participate in. I personally believe that every choice we makes affects another person. In some cases a small action on our part can affect several people and leave a lasting effect. I teach my children that regardless of our intentions, we still own those actions. If they made the choice to use their hands to strike someone which ultimately leads to another losing his life, it was their action that caused the result. It doesn’t matter if they are in the heat of the moment or whether they really didn’t mean to harm the other person. What matters is the situation they are left with when the situation is over.

I want my kids to think before they act. I want them to step outside their emotions at the time and think of the person they are about to engage. Everything we do affects another. I believe in this self serving world we are trapped in ourselves. It is hard for many to comprehend their actions affect everyone around them. I use these sad and tragic situations to teach them how a different choice could have saved a community of people a whole lot of pain.

I am not perfect. None of us are, but if we let ourselves believe we are only responsible if we mean to do something to someone than we are really deceiving ourselves. We have to think more and react less. We have to make ourselves smaller in our own minds and remember the people standing facing us have the same worth too. What do you believe?