Silence is Golden


Why is it that people will bend over backwards to let you know they think you are wrong but silent and detached otherwise? It always amazes how ready and available people are to jump in with their argumentative, negative energy 50 times more than they will participate to support or say something positive. What is it inside of us that loves to fight or correct or demean and put down? Why do we like to provoke and stir the pot? What drives us to fact check and prove wrong the very people we are supposed to be most connected to? It’s okay to disagree. There is no harm in that but some people do it on such a regular basis that you would thing they get paid for it. When a critical thought comes to mind, sometimes it’s just best to keep it there instead of allowing any and all thoughts to fly out of your mouth. It takes discipline and practice but eventually you can learn to walk away from most arguments an inch or two taller. Sometimes I don’t think we can see ourselves the way others do. I often wonder what it would be like if everyone had a thought bubble over their head with a description of what they were thinking. Can you even imagine how much that truth would hurt? I challenge everyone including myself to actually keep score of how many critical thoughts and words you use compared to positive, encouraging ones. Ask yourself some tough questions like, do I think I know more than everyone else? Do I give my opinion more than people think I should? How do I make people feel? Are my relationships happy or strained? The answers might be tough to admit but we all need to get real with ourselves once in awhile. 

I will leave you with this quote:

You want to ask one question, ask yourself, what are you giving to the universe and only that will be returned.

Amit Ray
If you want love, give love.

If you want encouragement, give encouragement.

If you want peace, offer your own peace.

It’s that simple. Give more of what you want and watch what happens.

I’m Not Interested In Your Opinion


Facebook can really be enlightening. If there is one thing most wouldn’t dare argue, it’s that there are so many varieties of opinions out there. Everywhere you look on social media and most conversations you have on a daily basis are filled with people spewing their opinions. I do believe there was a time we could simply state our opinion and leave it at that but these days we feel we are entitled to an opinion and if someone feels different than we do then they are obviously wrong. Why do we feel the need to throw more sticks on an already raging fire? I can see if something is really, truly important to us but if not why even go there?

For the rest of this week, I am going to try and keep my opinions to myself. If someone says something that lights a fire underneath me, I will allow it to simmer and burn out rather than turn up the heat. I’m not even sure I can do it but if it brings peace to my surrounding world then I am willing to try it. Can you do it? Will you?