Nothing But Light


I went to another concert last night. I was left with this image of the entire arena filled with individual lights. It was a beautiful sight. Sometimes I don’t see the light in others because I don’t want to look hard enough but last night all I saw was light. What an amazing  feeling. One that left me full of hope. What was your glimmer of hope today?

Good Morning


Sometimes we are fortunate enough to catch a moment like this. We don’t plan for the sun to come up each morning, we don’t force it, we don’t will it, we can’t resist it. It just happens. The beauty of life unfolds all around us. It’s not about our plan. It’s about noticing every blessing, every gift. The miracles pulling on our pant leg begging for us to notice, reminding us we are not in charge. You can’t force love. You are love. I am love. Let it in and use your precious life to shine like a beacon. Be a place of hope and peace for the lost souls who need a place to call home. Have a blessed day and enjoy the beauty of this precious moment.

What Are You Looking For?


Everything is so beautiful when you stop looking for flaws. Those are the words that were staring back at me when I popped into Facebook to see the latest drama. What a striking message that can make a determining factor in how you view your life and just about everything around you. Unfortunately, we only see what we want to see. If we look hard enough, everything is flawed but look a little closer and you will see it is all beautifully flawed. Stop looking for the bad. Stop waiting for the floor to drop out from underneath you. Stand on your head, jump up and down and do whatever else it takes to see life through a positive lens. I know people who are so negative that there will never be anything enjoyable in their life. Their words are negative, their thoughts are negative and guess what every experience is like? Negative. There is no beauty in sight for a negative eye. There is no happiness in sight for a negative mind. Look for flaws and you’ll see them, look for beauty and you’ll see IT. It’s that simple.



Red, blazing and majestic
Magnificent and unbelievable, dream-like
Dazzling and life changing display
Commanding and powerful
Perfect brilliance
Drawing me in, calling and mesmerizing
Prisoner to the view and frozen in a meditative trance
Never wanting to escape
Serene and peaceful
Heart stopping hues, energy and vibration tugging and spinning
Mirage of neutral color
Stunning and still and mysterious
Intoxicating beauty
Earthly magic and reflection of spirit portrayed in rock
Magical and surreal and still and calm
Listening and looking and searching
Heaven calling, drawing nearer
Breathless awe
Painting my soul, imprinting and permanently staining
Eyes forever changed and always longing to return

Prompt: landscape
Form: found poetry
Device: enumeratio

; IMG_5932.JPG




You Had Me At Hello


I was in heaven last night. I was outside sitting in the hot tub listening to the gentle sound of rain drumming against the house. I was thinking about my day and my mind remembered all the crazy radio and tv hype over Renee Zellweger and how they couldn’t believe how different she looked. Her eyes were too open and she has lost that old squinty look that made her an icon in the movie Jerry Maguire. She had too much fat injected into her cheeks. You get the picture. It went on and on, blah, blah, blah. If I could speak to Renee I would ask her this, ” Do YOU feel beautiful?” That is what truly matters. The whole world can think she is the most beautiful woman in the world but if SHE doesn’t FEEL beautiful, none of that matters. Or, everyone can think she is homely as can be, but if SHE feels beautiful, the opinions of others will never matter. The only opinion that is really important is the one we have of ourself. People will always find fault and believe me they won’t have to look real far. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it’s near impossible for everyone to think we are beautiful. However, if we believe we are beautiful, that beauty will shine bright enough to catch everyone’s attention. Shine on beautiful and never let anyone dull your sparkle. We need to see the beauty beyond someone’s appearance and find the beauty in their individuality and spirit. That is the beauty that will never fade or age with time.

Sedona, A Piece Of Treasure


It feels so good to get away. It’s exhilarating to travel to new places and experience a different pace of life and a change of scenery. We just finished exploring Sedona. Actually, this is my second visit. I was there a few years ago and it has remained very much alive in my memory.

I’m not sure I can capture Sedona with words. It is truly a place of awe and the way it makes you feel is just amazing. It may just be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The natural panoramic beauty captures your heart and makes your spirit soar. You can’t help but feel the peace spread through your entire being as you sit there silently taking in the picturesque scene. It is a place that will tug at your heart strings and make you want to stay, or at least for me, place a stamp on your heart that someday will call you back to visit again. I hope the pictures do it justice because it is surely a gem nestled in Arizona. 20140729-100620-36380397.jpg











Surrounded By Beauty


Ooh Aah Point. That is where I am sitting right now. I think I may have found the most incredible place in the world to blog. I feel so peaceful here. So small. Not small in a negative sense but rather in a rejuvenating one. Every direction I look is perfection. Beauty beyond words. The Grand Canyon is an amazing place and I feel blessed to be here sitting in this beautiful spot writing these words. It is a perfect mix of nature and solitude. In a world where everything is fake or man made, this natural beauty is a sight for sore eyes and healing for the soul.

As I sit here, I think how much as humans we carry. We carry the responsibility of work, raising our children. We carry guilt and sadness of watching our loved ones survive disappointment and pain. We carry the weight of the world in our minds and in our hearts. Sometimes it’s important to remember how small we really are. In this great big world, we have to put it all down and remind ourselves that we are just one little person in a great big world. We are not perfect but we all do the best we can. We can’t fix everyone and everything but we sure do try. We can’t carry the weight of the world but our actions and our decisions can make it a more peaceful place.

There are some moments you wish you could catch in your hand. There are sights so beautiful that you wish you could stay in a particular place for an endless amount of time. This is truly one of those moments. I feel blessed to be here and I will sit here quietly to take it in just a little bit longer. I will leave with a pounding head and tired legs but every second, and every single step brought us closer to an even more beautiful place. I am full. Completely filled up with the beautiful peace that only nature brings. Here are some pictures so you can enjoy our magnificent view.20140728-184943-67783492.jpg









A Perfect Morning


Some mornings are just perfect. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and even if you try and fight it you can’t help but feel good inside. I fell asleep with the waterfall on my pool still running so now as I lay here starting my day, I am listening to the soothing sound of running water in the background. These are the moments you wish you could bottle up and save for a rainy day when the clouds inside of you become one with the clouds in the sky. But today, at least for now, there are no clouds. There are the sounds and sights of nature that remind me to take notice of the beauty all around me.