A Million Questions


When you have a 13 year old who has ADD and who asks a million questions all in 5 minutes, you realize how little you actually know. I’m sorry, I don’t know where snot comes from. I have no idea why there is a pillow in the doctors office or why the saw cuts only the cast and not the arm. I don’t know what I would do if I could freeze time because I can’t freeze time. But no, I wouldn’t steal and yes, I probably would save someone from a burning car. I’m sorry I don’t know where the tissues are or if your cast is coming off or when you will get a smaller one on. I have no idea why the ambulance came to your school today or why you sound so weird when your nose is all clogged up. I can’t tell you why one nostril is more clogged up than the other. Now, any more questions?

Boys Don’t WhAT?


My son said those three dreaded words I prayed I’d never hear with my own ears. “Boys don’t vacuum”. Hmmmm….I haven’t even responded yet except to hand him the beautiful piece of machinery as he climbed up the stairs. I guess I am reminded that we as parents have the responsibility of teaching our children everything there is to learn, including but not limited to lifestyle roles. Where do I start and where have I already gone wrong.

Just today we stopped into Waffle House for breakfast and that’s where the teaching started. Our waitress was angry. She had worked since 9:00 the previous night and the dishes were piling up. She was passive aggressive, slamming the trays down after she removed the dishes and was complaining to another worker. The problem was that I was choking on the grease from my chocolate chip waffle and couldn’t even get her attention to get a simple refill. Then, another woman walked into place a to go order and she ignored me more, stopped washing dishes and continued to sweet talk the baby in the grandmothers arms. This was my opportunity to teach. I asked the kids, do you think she is being dumped on by the other workers or does she never finish a task because she doesn’t give her full attention to it?

The best thing I can teach my kids is this. If something needs to get done, somebody needs to do it. Just get up and get it done. I think whoever is available and able should, as Nike so eloquently put it, “Just Do It”. We live in a world where “Its not my job” and “why should I do it?” Are becoming common phrases. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing. Do what it is that is expected of you. Stop looking around and questioning how much someone else does and do whatever it is YOU are supposed to do. You are only responsible for your own actions, and it is your actions will eventually determine your worth.

I will end this post listening to the sweet sound of a vacuum cleaner being run upstairs. Maybe there is no reason to respond to those three silly words after all.20140718-131259-47579323.jpg