Maybe Later…


We are all conditioned, shaped and molded by the demands placed upon us. I heard something on the radio last night that I completely disagree with. The host was speaking about how procrastination provides an instant feel good pay off temporarily in our brains. This feeling reinforces procrastination until it becomes an unfortunate habit. I disagree. Maybe for some that is really the case but procrastination for me leads to overbearing anxiety. It’s hard for me to relax or think about anything else if something I have to do is hanging over my head. It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time because I am the kind of person who gets things done way before I really need to do them. It’s in my nature. It’s who I am. It’s the panic I feel when I sleep until 11:00 on a beautiful summer day. It’s feeling unsettled when I sit back and allow myself to do nothing. How I wish my brain was more like everyone else’s according to the study. 

How about you? Are you a procrastinator? How does procrastinating make you feel? Does it fit comfortably or do you find it unsettling?