Push and Shove


I posted yesterday about carrying guilt and the weight it places on each and everyone of us. I also suggested that most of my own guilt comes from my own haunting, obsessive thoughts. However, guilt can come from almost anywhere or from anybody and I am guessing this is true for many. We may think we know it all. We may think we have all the answers and that we know what’s best. We may even believe we are helping someone when it comes to guiding them with our insightful wisdom. The truth is not every answer is the solution to every problem for every person. We are all different and we have the right to choose for ourselves what we believe is the right choice when it comes to living our own lives. It’s not always beneficial to put in your two sense or to gently nudge someone in one direction or the other. If you shove someone in a direction they don’t want to travel, you ultimately cause them inner turmoil that eventually leads to guilt. That’s not fair to do to anyone else. It’s just not. 

I bring this up because a new baby in the family brings up the real question of whether to breastfeed or not. Unfortunately, some of us are easier led by others and we lack the confidence to stand up for ourselves. Is breastfeeding a good thing? Sure, I won’t even try and argue but is it good for everyone? No. The answer is no. It’s not natural for everyone and if a woman feels her baby is not getting enough breast milk and wants to supplement with a bottle, then the hospital should lay off the pushy guilt trip and hand that mother a bottle. Many of us second guess every decision we make and why? Because too many people have opinions that drown out our own. Let people decide for themselves and respect whatever it is they decide. They deserve that kind of respect. We all do. What do you think?