A Day To Breathe


My plan for today is to have no plan. Sometimes it’s okay to sit back with my feet up and allow life to come. I know at least for me, it is common to lace up my running shoes and run full speed to take life on. It just doesn’t need to be that way. Not everyday anyway. So today, I take time to breathe and find peace in the uncertainty that is all around me. The world will survive just fine without me so I can take a few moments to stop trying to save it. Sometimes I need to save myself. Today will be one of those days.

It’s Me O’clock


Some long days turn into unbearably long weeks and still, it’s only Wednesday. I love that time after everyone goes to bed and there is nothing left to do for the rest of the night except to breathe. That tiny chunk of time when I close the blinds on the outside world and nothing and no-one can let it back in. We all need time to recharge and we have to get it whenever we can. This is my time. I hope you make that time for yourself too.



Enough. One little word packed with so much power. I have spent years fighting. I’ve walked around the world dressed in my best boxing gloves always in ready stance. I’m not really a fighter. I don’t fight people. I’ve learned slowly over the years to disengage in petty arguments that will never change the reality of the circumstances in front of me but it took such a long time. What I did fight for a long time were circumstances. I would fight with thoughts in my own head that would eat up special time I would never get back. My emotions would fight against what was and over the loss of what I thought should be. Silly wasted time. I’m different now. I take a deep breath and I let the reality set in. I feel whatever emotion comes along and I accept things for what they are. This moment has to be enough. Every moment does. We cannot pine over what should have been. We cannot spend precious moments struggling against something we can never control. We simply must sit back and take in the ride. Be where you are and know this moment too will pass. Relax into what is and don’t resist. Flow and flow and flow. That is the best way to get from one place to another. No one enjoys swimming up stream. It’s exhausting and the current will eventually win. Accept and move on and don’t waste a single moment taking a glance back. Don’t allow yourself to become stuck on something you do not have the power to change. Breathe and remember enough is enough.

Feeling Dull?


Don’t go through the moments, live the moments! Take a moment to sit down and breathe and feel the rain on your face, the wind in your hair.

Life is all around you waiting for you to experience it. Sometimes we just feel dull, dead inside, like the spark inside has been snuffed out. Find a way to light it again.

Start to see with your eyes and feel with your heart. Remove the distractions and bring your focus back to where it needs to be. Look up at the sky, go for a walk and pay attention to the people standing there in front of you.

It’s easy to walk around with your head in clouds. Countless list of things you need to get done, errands to run, meetings to make, emails to send. It never ends. Take a break. Do something for yourself, even if it’s sitting for a moment and letting your mind rest. It’s the distractions that keep you from feeling. Find some time to free yourself from the prison they create.