Blowing Bubbles


Feeling everything spiral out of control? Ever wish you could let go of what everyone thinks of you and expects from you? Ever wish you could get a break from what you expect from yourself?

We all feel that way sometimes. That we cannot keep up with the conditions we place on our own self worth. Just today I tried to lay down to rid myself of this haunting headache and the guilt I felt coming from the voices in my head was more excruciating than the headache itself.

I am reminded of myself as a child when time had no meaning and the the space in my head was not occupied with voices. I remember standing outside and blowing those magical iridescent bubbles that would be swept away in the wind until they disappeared. I try and imagine myself blowing those bubbles again, only this time, those bubbles represent the opinions and expectations of both myself and others. The freedom in just letting them float away with no desire to grab them and make them stick. Who in their right mind would attempt to hold onto those chains that imprison us and make us doubt our own decisions and our own self worth?

As a child, we are free. We are so busy exploring and living in each moment that we do not have time for anything else that does not serve our curious, playful spirit. Sometimes it is important to embrace that inner child and to reunite. Playing is important and the freedom to just be is the greatest dose of therapy you can offer your tired self. So today, play. Explore. Laugh. Blow some bubbles. Act silly. That little you has been patiently waiting for you to come back and see her again. When is the last time you took some time to play?