Something To Smile About


Today everyone seems unusually friendly. In stores, people are smiling and making friendly conversation. One man in particular got a pretty good chu kle out of me. He was probably in his 70’s, a tall man, balding with glasses and a light brown overcoat. He looked at me and as I smiled at him he smiled back and told me wearing his new plaid scarf made him feel like a character from a Charles Dickens novel. We stood there giggling and I told him how crazy my parents are with frequenting casinos. I told him how much I look forward to the free gifts they get and how Im looking forward to wearing my silly heated scarf. As my coffee was placed on the counter and my name was called, I smiled one last time at that old man and we exchanged happy new year. Then I smiled one last time when I remembered my coffee was free thanks to a gift card handout. I was really starting to feel grateful for those silly casinos. I enjoyed every sip of that wonderful coffee, and just for today it was okay to get the whip cream on top. Thats how days should feel, happy and friendly with whip cream on top. Here’s wishing you one of those days.

Top 10 Tuesday


You know your parents have completely lost it when:

1) They describe chasing their teeth across the kitchen floor as the “time of their lives”

2) They sell the beach condo they’ve had for 25 years to have extra cash for the casino

3) You call them 3 times a week and they are on their way to, inside, or leaving the casino

4) They tell you they are out to dinner and when you ask where, they tell you the buffet at the casino

5) Mom sends a 10.00 bill for Valentines Day to pay for your coffee and when you thank her, she tells you she would have got you a gift card, but they don’t have any at the Starbucks at the casino.

6) Mom files a missing persons complaint because dad disappeared in the casino

7) You are on the phone with your mom, and she says to your dad, “oh, okay…you’re in the closet” like that’s a normal occurrence and then laughs hysterically while saying ” Your father is finally coming out of the closet”

8) They schedule an appointment with the doctor because they are concerned about the ping, ping, pinging noises ringing in their ears

9) Tell you they want to spend quality time with their grandkids, and when you ask the kids where they went, they say to Burger King inside the casino

10) When you ask where they got your Christmas present so you could return it, and they tell you it was a free giveaway from the casino

Seriously, do you think I just make this stuff up?