Monday’s Challenge!


We are so quick to criticize or point out to someone something they did that was wrong but how often do we volunteer to tell someone they did something right? When is the last time you told someone how great they were? In all honesty, most of us are more apt to point out flaws. The closer we are to someone, the easier it gets to practice this art of making someone you love feel like crap. I am guilty of this and everytime I catch myself doing it, I hate myself a little more.

Tonight, I challenge you to find something to make each and every person in your house feel good about themselves. Point out something you admire about them. It’s time to start replacing bad habits with good ones and what could be better than building someone up you love. What do you say? Will you accept the challenge?

Do You Accept The Challenge?


How come it’s so easy to tell someone what is wrong? Your lipstick doesn’t match your shirt. You need to be a better parent. You shouldn’t have done that. You should be working. You should cook dinner for your family. Seriously, the list goes on and on. It’s no wonder there is so much depression and unhappiness walking around disguised by a half- hearted smile on a really sad face.

Imagine if we made a commitment to point out only what is good about someone? You look beautiful. You are so smart. I love the way you interpret that. That lipstick is amazing. You are a really great parent. This meatloaf is delicious.

All I ask, is that you become aware of what you are saying to others. Make an honest effort to compliment everyone and be on a mission to make everyone feel good. Anyone can spit out an insult but not everyone can make someone feel like someone special.

Do you accept the challenge?

Build self esteem, don’t destroy it.

Be The One


Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart, one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.
Marvin J. Ashton 
I love quotes so I was very excited when nominated me for the 3 day quote challenge. Quotes inspire and remind us to continually strive to be better. This quote in particular is so appropriate in these ever changing times when we seem to be using our tongues as a means to attack. This is a reminder to see beyond someone’s beliefs, opinions or whatever else and see them for who they are on the inside. Actively look for something good and always treat people with respect. Our job is not to determine if they deserve it but rather to set an example by treating people with understanding and kindness, the way we ourselves would want to be treated. That is my challenge for all of us today. Let’s do this thing and leave everyone better than we came across them. 

Life Can Change in Three Days


“To think negatively is like taking a weakening drug.”

I awoke to this quote today. I’m not sure who originally said it but I can testify that I am drinking the poison. I realized today how crucial it is to wake up on a positive note. Those first few hours of the day can make such a tremendous difference. My mother has been staying with me for a few weeks and today I realized something important. I always call her first thing in the morning after I drop my daughter off for school. I am usually not in the greatest of moods. Often, I am either complaining about someone’s bad attitude or talking about the things I am dreading that I have to do that day. I take my poison and literally pass it to her to drink. My venting is toxic. It is killing me and the people who take the time to listen to me. We all vent and slowly, one day at a time, we are killing the positive spirit that is fighting to live inside each and everyone of us.

Don’t we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to pass a different cup around? How about passing something like happiness or encouragement or even love around? I decided today to take a personal challenge. For three days, I will not complain. Even if I think a bad thought or stumble into a bad mood, I will not speak of it. I will give the mood/circumstance no words, no attention and I will not drag my garbage around and stuff it in someone else’s can. Three simple days. It sounds so easy but the truth is it will take some serious discipline and dedication. I will start small and hopefully grow this new practice big. Will you join me? Will you say no to dumping and complaining? Let’s give it a try.

We Are All Flawed


If there’s one situation we all have in common, it is death. None of us like to talk about it. In fact, I’m sure most of us don’t even want to think about it. As I get older, as much as I fight it, the thoughts creep in, mostly late at night when my mind is racing and wont let me get to sleep. I picture how I will feel when I am standing next to the casket of my mother or father or sister or brothers. Will I die first or will I be forced to live on long after my husband passes away?

Nothing can prepare us for death. There is nothing more painful than someone being ripped from our life before we are ready to let go. I know this because recently people from my past that I miss dearly have been haunting my dreams. I am so grateful to see them and then I wake up and the pain is fresh and raw.

There are some people I cannot bear to lose. Do I tell them? Do I make an extra effort to let them know how I feel? Expressing myself has always been difficult for me. I know it comes easily through my writing but my actions and words often tell a different story. I know I am hard on people. My thoughts and feelings are filled with kindness and good intention but sometimes the words and actions come out all wrong. The older my kids get, the more I realize this. They remind me that sometimes they need a hug and compassion a whole lot more than my worldly knowledge or constant lessons. This is something I am going to actively work on this year. We should all have goals to help us achieve our best self. They are constantly changing as the person we are becoming goes through different lessons and necessary changes.

I hope someday I will find the words and a way to reach out, so that the people I love and think about know exactly how I feel about them. Time is running out and I am racing the clock. Sometimes, just acknowledging a problem exists leads to its solution. This is one of mine and I am ready to take it on. My heart is big but sometimes my mouth is bigger, and not always in the best way. So this is my challenge and I invite you to look deep into yourself and to choose one too.