Who Are Your Heroes?


I was thinking about how different heroes are today from when I was a child. I grew up with characters like Superman, Spider-Man, Batman and Robin. Characters who saved a city, a group of people and sometimes an entire world. Who didn’t dream about entering a phone booth ordinary and stepping out with shiny boots and a cape? As the years collected, I recognized heroes in real life people. Police officers who kept us safe, firefighters who ran into a blazing inferno to save a child, brave men and women who put their lives at risk to protect us and our so called freedoms everyday. A single mother who worked three jobs to make sure her children had clothes to wear and food to eat. They knew what it meant to sacrifice. Today, heroes seem to be the people who vilify others. We praise them and cheer them on. Sometimes I wish I could go back to believing in Superman. It’s no wonder so many people are lost and confused. We idolize the wrong kind of people today. It makes me feel a little sad. I wonder if there’s any chance of going back to the way it used to be. I don’t see many heroes anymore. I certainly don’t see them in people who are supposed to be our role models. I don’t see them sitting on a floor in Washington DC. I certainly don’t see them on Facebook or on tv. Heroes don’t need attention. You won’t find them competing to get their face in the limelight. They are the quiet type who travel to other countries for mission trips. They are the ones who slow down long enough to give a homeless man on the corner something to eat. They are the the people who deliver meals to the elderly or who volunteer their time to sit with someone dying. They are there in the background. They don’t need attention and they probably wouldn’t want it anyway. Who are your heroes? Who do you idolize and cheer for? What kind of people do you share in your posts on social media? Take a good look. You might learn a great deal about yourself. Do you like what you see?



Things come apart so easily when they have been held together with lies~ Dorothy Allison

After sitting in on many meetings, I’ve learned not to get as nervous anymore. As a parent, we care enough to know, period. When I go to talk to teachers about my child, believe me I know all the facts and I have fact checked. That’s a fact. It’s so obvious when I ask a question if someone is telling the truth. They are confident in their answers and more than willing to offer the necessary information to clear up any misunderstanding. When someone is lying,  they tend to go right on the defensive and start to blow tiny facts out of proportion to make themselves look better. I say this. If you are guilty of something, just own it. Fix it and let everyone move on but to make up a lie that can be checked from several sources is just wrong. We are all human. We make mistakes. Lying is not a mistake, it’s a choice. Don’t do it.

Little White Lies….


Truth has a way of waiting for us to come forth and confess the lies of our lives. It has a way of gazing at us until we can bear the look of truth no longer.

I came across this quote today and thought it went hand in hand with today’s news stories. I pondered about the whole concept of truth today. I believe that knowingly lying to someone, for me personally is a serious, serious offense. Relationships are built on trust, and whether you tell small lies, manipulate the truth, or mislead someone to believe something other than the real truth, you damage that relationship.

The question I have to ask myself is how does someone live with himself knowing they are dishonest. How do you look yourself in the mirror and sleep at night. It must be like a chain around your neck that you can never shake loose from. Although invisible, the weight of it must become unbearable over time. OR do you actually start to convince yourself that your words are the truth even though all the facts say otherwise. All I know is lying is wrong. It is deceitful, malicious and cruel to anyone on the receiving end. I hope I have ingrained in my own kids how offensive this really is. Sometimes telling the truth is hard. Coming clean is hard. But lying after someone knows you are lying is just disgusting.

I was able to apply this at home today. It was obvious Chase did NOT take his medicine today but he insisted he did to both me and his teacher. I sat him down and talked to him about character. I taught him the importance of words and how telling lies even small ones leave scars on your character. That is how it starts. Lies then cheating then who knows what. Once your moral compass is spinning in too many directions you lose your way. Lies start out as small and then they grow. Small lies turn into big lies which in return make the small lies not look so bad. He finally came clean. I was able to make him understand that although coming clean is hard, the person on the receiving end will forgive and be grateful for the truth. It doesn’t undo or justify the lie, but it sure says a lot about his character. It was a good lesson in midst of all the stories in the news today. I can only hope that others feel truth is as important as I think it is because any relationship based on lies lacks trust and is doomed to fail. Something to think about….