The Chocolate Chip Sitting On My Shoulder


Lately I’ve had a gigantic chocolate chip on my shoulder. All the sweetness has been sucked out of me and is sitting there taunting me as I scowl at it smuggly. I opened my eyes one morning and my world was dark. I don’t even know how I wandered into such a mentally draining place but I am standing knee deep and unsuccessfully trying to trudge my way out. I always say the way we act comes down to a choice. Am I seriously choosing to be this monster of negativity who has tainted my vision to see nothing but doom and gloom? I am so frustrated with everyone including myself. If I could crawl out of my skin and into a happier place, I would jump at the chance but the challenge is finding that happy place standing exactly where I am in this moment inside of myself. I have so much to be grateful for but my mind is defeated. Ebb and flow. The constant change that is continuously spinning all around us. Now to steady myself and find my balance. The mind can be a very dark place when we allow it to wander to a place we know we don’t belong. Time to turn these boots around and march back to a place that feels lighter and hopeful. I have the desire to get there, I have just lost my way. What do you do to find your way back when you slip into the negativity hole that swallows you up until you feel completely lost?