A Silly Little Girl


Jumping out of bed every few minutes looking at the sky. Waiting. Watching. Wondering when she would see the first white flake gently release from the sky. That was me this morning. I am not ashamed to say there is a child inside me that stills enjoys and looks forward to the little things. Waking up on Christmas morning, flying home on Christmas Eve, a simple snow squabble. Those are just a few of the things I am grateful for this time of year. Seeing lights frame houses and Christmas trees through windows. Watching my kids frantically search for the station with the perfect Christmas tune. So much to look forward to this season.

My Christmas Wish


I love Christmas. It is a time I really reflect on my life. A time I spend looking inside myself while asking some questions that are tough to answer. A time that I give a great deal of thought on what and who I am grateful for. Christmas is about a lot of things. Peace, hope, love, and gratitude are at the top of that list. My wish for everyone reading this and for everyone I know and love is that you find a way to silence the critic in your thoughts and words. It is amazing, the sense of peace that washes over you, once you learn to silence the mind. I also wish that you find a way to spread peace and love everywhere you go to everyone around you. Be the example so many are in need of finding. Know that your words have power. Choose them wisely and tread gently. Know that someone else’s feelings and beliefs are just as important as your own. Be kind. Be the change you want to see in the world. Encourage those around you and compliment everyone you see. Let go of anger. Forgive and forget. Carrying grudges becomes heavy over time. Take responsibility for yourself and stop pointing out everyone’s faults. Focus on your own and fix them. Find your best self this year. Be better. Do better. Be that person that brings positive energy into every room you enter. Smile. Enjoy the little things. Live each second of every minute.

My wish is that you find your happy. It is different for all of us but when you find it I hope your heart will swell. I hope you take time to appreciate all the blessings around you. Take a look at the people in your life and see their beauty. We all have flaws but we do choose what are eyes will see. Open them wide and take it all in. My wish is that you use kindness in your tone. That you understand the difference between freedom of speech and abusive power. My wish is that as a world, we become more united. I wish we see into each other’s souls and around our humanness. I wish we surrender our need to be right and grab onto our need for peace and humility. I wish for more kindness and civility. To each and every one of you, I wish you inner peace, joy and unconditional love. What is on your wish list this year?

Oh no! only 2 Weeks Until Christmas!


I have to chuckle at all the Facebook posts and conversations with friends and family about how stressed they are over Christmas rapidly approaching. They have every excuse to feel bad for themselves and pages and pages of things they need to get done leading up to Christmas Day. Just yesterday my mother told me you can’t plan on not feeling well for a couple of weeks. Well, she’s right. You can’t plan not feeling well but you can plan for Christmas. You actually have 12 full months to plan and prepare. Remember those people that I mentioned in another blog post that made condescending remarks about me probably having my tree and shopping done around Thanksgiving? Well, this is when I quietly high five myself while they are scrambling around feeling exhausted and sorry for themselves. It’s not really that I rush into the holiday season, it’s just that I am prepared to tackle it, so as the days grow closer I can actually enjoy myself and count them down in giddy anticipation.

Now, I actually am an empathetic person, so I do actually feel for anyone feeling the stressful crunch. I also am sad that they are missing feeling the joy and peace that go along with really being able to enjoy every moment, free from the nagging reminder of all the things on their Still Have To Do List. This year, my hope is that there is a lesson in procrastination. That people stop falling into the same patterns and stop fighting the urge to be “one of those ridiculous people that jump into Christmas too soon”. They are only hurting themselves. I can tell you this. It is a whole lot better to be eating Christmas cookies for 2 weeks then worrying about when you will find time to bake them. And, somehow I bet mine taste better too! So, next year, get it done a little earlier. It will make all the difference in the end, I promise.


10 Things I Look Forward To At Christmastime


1) Christmas Music. I play it over and over again. I have a favorite playlist that speaks right to my heart. It is calming and comforting and I look forward to hearing it every year.

2) Presents of course! Who doesn’t like opening up a gift picked out with love especially for them.

3) Picking out a tree. Last year was the first year in a long time we cut down a live tree. The kids were so excited and it was so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I look forward to going as a family to pick one out again.

4) Getting my Christmas Pajamas and having a nice dinner at my sisters after church on Christmas Eve. My sister started the tradition years ago and everyone always waits in anticipation to see what’s in their box.

5) Church with the family. My Poppy always loved when we would all go to mass together. I’ve never forgotten and I think of him every year. Christmas was his birthday!

6) Shopping. I’m sorry, I know it sounds shallow but I love searching for the perfect gift.

7) Decorations! There is nothing more peaceful that a crisp night and some Christmas lights. It warms my heart year after year when I see my parents yard all lit up as we pull in the driveway.

8) Family! I live far away from everyone else and it means so much to me when we are all together.

9) The red Starbucks cups. Sorry! They make me happy.

10) The fun Elf on The Shelf brings to our house and the overall cheerfulness of everyone around the holidays. Did I mention the Christmas cookies and the food!

Those are some of the things I look forward to every year. I’d love to hear some of yours!

The Receiving Side of Payback


So, yes I love Christmas. I feel there is a tiny elf inside me just waiting to burst out during the Christmas season. I had this great idea a year ago December to change my ringtone to the sound of jingle bells. It absolutely drove my daughter crazy. Needless to say, it could move her from a happy to an aggravated state in the few seconds the jingle would sound through my phone. I thought it was wonderful and brought a smile to my face every time I heard that festive little sound. I was very sad when it expired after a years time.

This is where the payback part plays out. My daughter now has a quacking duck ringtone sound. It infuriates me and might I add, because she is 14, it quacks often. Amazing how when my ringtone was causing aggravation for everyone else I found it amusing, but now that I am on the receiving end of an annoying ringtone, not so funny anymore. We all know what they say about payback!