One of Those Days


It’s one of THOSE days. You know, the kind when you call the church to ask for a letter so your daughter can be a godmother and when they ask you the baby’s name, you give them the wrong one. How embarrassing right? Not an easy thing to explain away. 

This is what happens when your nephews are named after your brothers and you are afraid you might hold it against them. So, you give them a different name and even go as far to buy them special little ornaments with the name you gave them on it. So, it’s understandable when the lady on the phone asks you for your nephews name and you draw a blank. First you can’t remember at all because you have erased that name from your mind and then when you do recall, you have a 50/50 chance to get the name right and you say the wrong brothers name. Yeah, you don’t even try and explain, you just make the correction and hang up as soon as you can.

Yep! One of those days.

Ipod, Ipad, I pray


I talk to my parents everyday and I have to admit some of our silly talks are downright amusing. Today I called and my dad seemed pretty agitated. He explained he was late for a doctors appointment and when I asked him why he doesn’t get going, he told me he was still waiting for my mom to get ready. Apparently, she had running behind because she was completely absorbed in her ipad. I get it. While she was here visiting, I was frustrated with her as well and for the very same reason. This is when he lost the argument. He said, “Kim, do you know what I saw on a church kiosk? Ipod ipad, I pray.” It was pretty obvious my dad was insinuating that praying has been replaced with little handheld devices and I admit, to a point, I tend to agree. However, I own and ipad and I am proud to admit that not one night ends without me laying in my bed saying my prayers. Then I asked my dad if he prays every day. His response? “I have to go Kim”. Guess what? He will not touch an ipad and I think it’s pretty safe to put myself out there and guess he does not pray each and every day.

I am slightly offended over the insulation that people who have phones and computers do not pray. That their God as to say has been replaced by endless hours of texting, typing, checking email, and playing video games. And though I agree that people waste a great deal of time on things that are less important than living and practicing religion, I believe a person of faith will still make time to pray even while owning every technological device on the market. So, a little chuckle for my dad trying to make a silly point. He just wasn’t going to win this one with ME.

What Can’t You Get At A Drive-thru These Days?


I know this picture is difficult to see. It was also hard for us to believe, so much so, that we drove around the block twice to make sure we got the story right. The girl in the picture was holding a sign that read “Ashes To Go” for all faiths. And that’s exactly what they were handing out today. Have you seen this in your towns and what do you think about it? I am curious to see what everyone thinks.