A Clean Sweep


There are times in my life when it is necessary to clean the clutter. Clutter makes my skin crawl and my pulse race. When I am in the middle of a mess, my chest tightens and my breathing is labored. Last night I made a huge decision to clear it out. For me, this world is a mess. The human experiment is a mess. Facebook is a mess. Media is a mess. Clutter comes in many forms. It comes in thoughts, people, objects. Clutter for me is hostility, negativity, confrontation, arrogance, and anything else that makes me break out in that dreaded, unwanted sweat. The truth is, it is my responsibility to say no to the things that make my heart hurt and yes to the ones that feel right with my soul. Today is a beautiful day for me. It looks and feels very different from several days that came before. We have to declutter our minds, our bodies, and our heart so we can hear that tiny voice inside that often gets drown out by all the noise. Everyone has the right to live in peace. Sometimes it’s necessary to create that peaceful space and to build a fence around it to keep it sacred and to keep yourself safe.