Do Something Different


When something’s not working, do something different.

This is the third volleyball game in a roll that this coach is insistent on putting the same 6 girls in the game. Week after week, they make careless mistakes and lose the game. There are 6 other girls who might play really well if given the chance but some people never learn. They continue to make the same mistake over and over. Guess what? They get the same result over and over. Looks like we are going to lose another game.

Who Will Break Your Childs Spirit, and Who Will Help Him Fly?


Parenting is not an easy job. You have to pass a test and get a license to drive a car, or own a gun, but when you think about it, it almost seems crazy that nothing is required of us to have a child. Can you imagine that, no IQ test or even a questionnaire on common sense. One day you are only responsible for yourself, and the next, you have this child. A person that is completely dependent on you for absolutely everything. I remember my husband asking the nurse when it was time to leave the hospital with our first child if there was anything we needed to do. He couldn’t believe they were going to let us saunter out of there with no knowledge, and no instruction. This was a life we were bringing home and how on earth would we know how to care for it?

It seemed so difficult at first to know what to do. When to feed them, when to change them, when to hold them, and more importantly when to put them down. Probably for me, the hardest part was never getting any sleep. No-one tells you how exhausting being completely responsible for another person really is. It’s amazing watching them grow, and develop into who they will become. You want to protect them, and love them and save them from all the hurt life will throw at them. Unfortunately, even the BEST mom doesn’t have a shield strong enough to do that. I guess for me, the biggest challenge is sometimes just knowing what to say.

We had a basketball game earlier today. We had so many kids sign up, that they decided to split the group into 2 separate teams. One team got all the best kids, and the other…yep, that is the one we ended up on. I know coaches, parents and even kids want to win, but does anyone consider that the “not so good kids” want to win too? Maybe even more than the kids that are used to winning all the time. I am all for competition, I really am, but in elementary school shouldn’t it be about exercise, learning skills and rules of the game, and most importantly gaining self confidence? Did anyone even consider how these poor boys would feel losing every single game? We even played a team a grade lower than us today and still got completely crushed. I had to look into the face of my sweet and very sensitive boy as his eyes tried to fight back tears. My heart actually grew heavy and the weight I felt at the base of my stomach actually made me feel sick inside. There are no words to make that better. No amount of hugs, or talking things through that could fix that very moment that stands still in time. I can’t help but wonder how this season could have been different if the teams were split up evenly. Wouldn’t it make both teams that much better in the end? Sometimes I just think adults are so selfish. They are so caught up in the competitive part of the sport that they forget they are completely responsible for building or breaking a small child’s spirit. I don’t know…I say don’t break their little wings, help them fly.