Commitment Huh?


There seems to be a growing trend I am noticing among todays teens.  Quitting. When things seem to get a little bit boring and somewhat uncomfortable, they don’t think twice and bail. They switch schools, they quit sports and the list goes on and on. When I grew up, my mother was a strong advocate for the “you signed up and now you will see it through” club. There wasn’t an option to quit in the middle of something because I was tired or bored or having a bad stretch of life. Quitting just wasn’t an option. If I didn’t like school for a time, I had to go anyway, suck it up, do what was expected of me. I didn’t have the option to run back and forth between schools so I had a new and exciting social life. It’s quite disturbing to me that there is a widespread lack of follow through. Can you imagine the divorce rate a few years from now when these teens are already showing a lack of commitment in so many of things they are part of? If they don’t like something, they will choose another option. Sure, I guess you could say this could be a good thing If used properly but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe they have a chance to be really happy because they won’t allow themselves to become stuck in a place that does not feel good. I just wish, with my own two kids that my commitment to commitment will be enough. I believe character is so important and if you aren’t dedicated to something, where will your life lead? 

A New Perspective for an Old Swim Mom


This past weekend was the big swim meet. It’s hard to believe that we haven’t done a meet in a whole year. I remember when Kayleigh first quit swimming. I was devastated. What would our life become without every other weekend belonging to a pool? I became obsessed with times and results and ways to improve, while my daughter was withdrawing from the rigorous practice schedule and the consuming time commitment.

I am here to report that life without swimming is just fine. I am grateful she has decided to go back, but am also grateful my eyes have been opened up to the real treasure that lies behind the sport…love for swimming. I couldn’t help but imagine these obsessed moms hanging on the edge of their seat hoping their child gets their best time or beats out their biggest rival. We chose to sit this one out and spent the day at our pool. Kayleigh had some friends over and I had to chuckle at the thought that the night on our pool deck would stand out in her head much longer than a silly swim meet. Perspective is wonderful and necessary and I am grateful it hit me right in the side of my tiny head. I have made a promise to myself to not become that mom again. To sit back and just enjoy the fact that my daughter is part of a team and loves to swim. After all, swimming is not her whole world, just a very small part of it. Isn’t that the way it should be?