When Enough Really Is Enough


Too much of any one thing is never very good. Too much eating leads to obesity, too much exercise leads to exhaustion, too much rain leads to flooding and the list goes on and on. I’ve met people in my life who never seem to be satisfied. They are constantly complaining about every single thing, never finding gratitude for what is right around them. Why are people so unhappy? Why is everything less than what we want it to be? Maybe we are stuck believing that everything has to be extreme. It’s not good enough to feel a spark of happiness, we have to be completely satisfied and indulged in every way to really feel good. We’ve lost the concept of balance somewhere along the road to selfish gratification. 

I know for me it’s taken several days of unusual rain to really appreciate how fortunate I am to live in a place that has so much sunshine. If I eat too much of a good thing, I have to step away from the table the next day and eat a little less so I don’t feel so sick and full. Too much for some is never enough and too much for others is overbearing. The sweet spot is finding the balance in everything in our lives. We must learn to find beauty in a rainbow instead of conditionally placing our happiness in the warmth of the sun. We must have a little bad to really appreciate the good and we need to be happy wherever we are instead of always wanting something else. We must stop comparing this hamburger to that hamburger and find a way to enjoy each bite. It sounds silly I know but if we get caught up in comparing the little things, it will carry over into comparing the big things and then less than perfect will never make us happy again. Keep life simple. Find something to be grateful for every single day. Make sure your positive outweighs the negative and don’t compare yesterday with tomorrow or you’ll waste the time you have today.

What Is Your Heart Full Of?


How do you know your heart is in the right place? What is it that leaves it feeling full or empty? Today I watched a video of a young girl skating. She is the daughter of an old friend and as I watched her doing something she clearly loved, gliding so gracefully over the ice, I could feel my heart start to swell. It dawned on me that when we are in a constant state of seeking winning, looking the best, being the best, paying thousands of dollars for private lessons in five different sports so our kid can be the best, then our happiness will always depend on the belief that we are one step above the people around us. But, when we look for the best in others, when we can step back and appreciate who they are and see the effort and beauty in their personal best, our heart takes a different direction. We are always competing. The jealousy and the envy can near destroy us if our happiness is conditional and depends on how we see ourselves compared to others. Comparison robs us of our happiness and leaves us never feeling good enough. If only we could turn that around and realize we have different abilities and that’s okay. If we could really want the best for everyone around us instead of secretly wanting to hoard it for ourselves, happiness would find a home inside each and every one of us. There is no shortage of talent, or beauty or ability but we convince ourselves there is. No doubt there is an abundance of talent and uniqueness and knowing this simple fact should be enough to bond us together instead of tearing us apart. When you look at everyone from a place of love instead of fear that they have something you don’t have or are better at something than you will ever be then you will cheat yourself from ever truly feeling full.