Change Your Attitude


Today I really recognized the difference in a positive and negative attitude. My husband is usually positive by nature but this morning the negativity coming out of his mouth was unusual and amusing. So, we have bag worms. Maybe there will be three less trees in our yard to hug but there are plenty others. He went on and on while I was silently celebrating that Starbucks brought the mocha coconut back! And can you believe this is the first time I’ve been able to sit outside and feel comfortable with this tremendous heat wave we’ve been having. I’m elated.

The sky is not falling. Keep the small things where they belong, small. Don’t get caught up in the little things that can add up to be bigger than they actually are. One problem at a time is less overwhelming that the sum of the whole. Don’t dump your problems on whoever is around because you’re problems are not their problems. They have enough of their own. Nobody wants to be around someone who constantly complains, believe me, it’s true. Everything is not a tragedy. The world is not conspiring against you.  Spread a compliment or something positive and keep the complaining to yourself. You can be a ray of sunshine or a dark cloud. Which will you choose?

Are You Mad?


If you could add up all the time you spent feeling angry, how many years do you think you would have wasted? I see angry people all over the place. Just yesterday, we were seated behind a woman who complained about everything and anything. I tried so hard not to listen but I couldn’t help myself. In fact, I moved from the table I was sitting at to allow her and her two family members to sit down since there were no other tables outside with more than two chairs. I did a really nice thing and they brushed it off like they were entitled. The thing is, when you are consumed with anger and resentment and negativity, you are not able to see the good that is all around you. When every word is a complaint and every thought is driven by literal madness, life will deliver more of that to you. It’s important to ask yourself, how am I feeling today? The answer might determine the day you are about to have. What about you, how do you feel today?