A Million Questions


When you have a 13 year old who has ADD and who asks a million questions all in 5 minutes, you realize how little you actually know. I’m sorry, I don’t know where snot comes from. I have no idea why there is a pillow in the doctors office or why the saw cuts only the cast and not the arm. I don’t know what I would do if I could freeze time because I can’t freeze time. But no, I wouldn’t steal and yes, I probably would save someone from a burning car. I’m sorry I don’t know where the tissues are or if your cast is coming off or when you will get a smaller one on. I have no idea why the ambulance came to your school today or why you sound so weird when your nose is all clogged up. I can’t tell you why one nostril is more clogged up than the other. Now, any more questions?

A is For Attention


I’ve been really working on improving some obvious things about myself that I am not very proud of. One of my biggest pet peeves and something I am unfortunately guilty of is not giving someone my undivided attention. I am talented beyond measure when it comes to multi- tasking but it is downright inconsiderate to not focus 100% on the person who is speaking to me. I am conditioning myself to use the word pause to elicit the appropriate response so I am ready and available when someone makes an effort to speak with me. Pause what you are doing Kim. Pause and listen to who is speaking Kim. Pause, pause, pause. I wonder how it must feel when my daughter is trying to tell me something important and I am busy with the dishes and yelling at the dogs in between her words. And I wonder why she usually saunters in the house and immediately heads for the stairs avoiding any contact at all.

Just for today, observe yourself while someone is talking to you. Are you making eye contact, are you interested in what they have to say or are you distracted and biding your time while they are trying to get through their words? Are you having side conversations with others while you think you are committed to listening? Do they feel like you are committed to listening? Are you in the conversation or is your mind entirely someplace else? Be honest. What kind of listener are you? Are you even worth having a conversation with in the first place? The truth hurts but the truth will eventually set you free to change the things you can and to be a better person tomorrow than the one you were today.