What They Don’t Tell You At Best Buy!


Lying, deceit, fraud, lying by omission. To me, they are all one in the same. One thing I do not like or tolerate is dishonesty. It is a breech of trust and can end a relationship. Does it happen? You bet it does. What I didn’t know is that it is happening at Best Buy. We have always been one of their most loyal customers. If we needed something, off to Best Buy we’d go. But recently I have been very disappointed. I am feeling misled, rooked, robbed and I wanted to warn others about the ongoing scam.

We often purchase the insurance when we buy an expensive item. We have had iPods and Beats replaced no questions asked. What we didn’t know is that recently their policy has been tweaked and you probably have no awareness of the wool being pulled over your eyes. We questioned the sales people at length, each and every time we purchased a new phone. We asked the same questions over and over at least a dozen different ways until we were sure that the coverage on phones covers all damage except extensive water damage any number of times. Just like we anticipated, Kayleigh cracked her screen. We traded phones and moved on. Recently she broke her screen again. I remember verifying that there was no need to buy a screen protector and an expensive case because the phone would always be covered. So, apparently there is a new clause. For the phones we purchased before the new year, there is no deductible if something breaks. That is exactly what we were told. However, once you get a replacement instead of a refurbish your contract starts over under the terms of the new year. So, even though we paid for 2 years of coverage, the FIRST time something goes wrong on Scott or Chases phone, we will have to pay the deductible. What sales staff tells the customer and what actually happens when you stand before the Geek Squad are two different scenarios. So here’s the rub. Since they didn’t have a replacement for Kayleigh the first time and made the decision to give her a brand new phone, this time, even though her contract should have been grandfathered, we owed 150.00 deductible.

Hmmmmm….no one ever mentioned a deductible. Not one time when we separately purchased all four phones at different times from different employees, questioning each one, at length, every single time. Not one of them mentioned a deductible. And what’s worse is if they replaced her phone with a new one because they didn’t have a refurbish available, why were we being punished for a decision they made without consulting us in the first place? Especially if it would result in a major change in the conditions of our contract.

Scott and I pleaded our case on how there was a clear lack of communication in the store and how customers were being unknowingly misled. This time only, they waved the fee for Kayleigh’s phone and we are seriously considering having Chases insurance cancelled and refunded for a prorated amount. Scott and I pay monthly so we can just cancel.

The lesson here is this. Even when you are cautious and ask the right questions, you can still be misled. Fortunately for you, I care enough to share my story with whoever is willing to read it and pass it on. We have to look out for each other. We have to have each other’s back. That is what life is all about. Learning from mistakes and sharing the lesson with anyone who will listen. Lesson learned here. I hope you share some of yours as well. Just be aware, you will pay a deductible if you have insurance with Best Buy on your phone UNLESS you got it before the 1st of the year. And if you got it before, don’t let them replace your phone with a new one or your old contract will be null and void. Hopefully someone can learn from our disappointment.